• Extension Ladders

    The NZ-made Warthog and OX ladder ranges are world-renowned for their high quality and are used by businesses and tradespeople throughout NZ and various countries overseas. The extension ladders come in both aluminium and fibreglass models with various options available.

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  • Order Picking Ladders

    We have two models of order picking ladder equipped with lockable castor wheel for easy movement and safe order-picking. We also stock order picking trolleys with stairs for accessing shelves at lower heights.

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  • Platform Ladders

    The Ox and Warthog platform ladders are extensively used commercially in New Zealand. Fibreglass models are ideal for safety in proximity to electrical wiring, whereas the aluminum ladders are robust and highly durable at a slightly lower price point than their fibreglass platform ladder counter parts.

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  • Scaffold Ladders

    The scaffold ladder is designed to fit into a scaffold coupler so that the ladder can be securely fixed to the scaffold. Ideal to prevent theft or damage to the stiles.

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  • Step Ladders

    We have a really good range of these well respected step ladders. Ox and Warthog ladders have a solid reputation for quality and are widely use in commercial applications throughout New Zeland

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