Lifting Equipment

  • Electric Lift • Stacker

    We stock a huge range of electric lifting equipment for pallets, crates, drums, rolls and more. We have an electric lift or stacker to meet your need!

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  • Forklift Attachments

    We stock forklift extensions, various drum and roll attachments, and can design an attachment for your needs. Talk to us now!

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  • Hand Lift • Stacker

    Huge range of manual lifts and stackers - platform lifts, hand winch lifts, hand stackers, straddle stackers, platform stackers and forklift stackers. We also customize these products to your needs.

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  • Lift Tables

    From stationary scissor lift tables and dock lifters to mobile lift tables and spring lift tables. We offer a huge range of lift table equipment. Visit our site to see the comprehensive range.

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