Lifting Equipment

  • Auto-leveling pallet stackers

    These lifters are fitted with Photocell height sensors which detect the top of the stacker's load and raises or lowers it to an ergonomic working height for loading and unloading.

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  • Electric Lifters and Stackers

    We stock a huge range of electric lifting equipment for pallets, crates, drums, rolls and more. We have an electric lift or stacker to meet your need!

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  • Forklift Attachments

    We stock forklift extensions, various drum and roll attachments, and can design an attachment for your needs. Talk to us now!

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  • Hand Lifters and Stackers

    Huge range of manual lifts and stackers - platform lifts, hand winch lifts, hand stackers, straddle stackers, platform stackers and forklift stackers. We also customize these products to your needs.

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  • Lift Tables

    From stationary scissor lift tables and dock lifters to mobile lift tables and spring lift tables. We offer a huge range of lift table equipment. Visit our site to see the comprehensive range.

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  • Stainless Steel Lifters

    These Stainless Steel Lifters are able to withstand damp, cold, and chemical environments.

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