Impulse Heat Sealers

  • Foot-Operated Impulse Heat Sealer

    These bag sealers are also known as impulse heat sealers. They use a resistive element to deliver a heat impulse to the bag. This is more effective than sealing with continuous heat, which doesn't give as a good a result. The element can be lowered by a foot pedal, allowing both hands free to pack and position the bag for sealing. This allows for significant gains in productivity. Impulse heat sealers are seen as a more robust solution for commercial purposes.They have the advantage of being instantly ready to use - there is no warm-up duration. This also makes impulse sealers inherently safe (and easy) to use. The seal is strong and clean because fusion and cooling both take place under pressure.

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  • Table-Top Impulse Heat Sealer

    The Table-Top Bag Sealer is more portable version of our standard Hacona Heat Sealer range. These bag sealers can be easily moved around your work area and stowed when not in use. They are perfect for slightly lower output situations than the standard Hacona impulse sealers. These machines are still made to Hacona's stringent durability standards and will outlast most heat sealers in the market by years.

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