• Battery Powered Portable Strapping Tool |Manual, 9-16mm Strapper

    Product Code: GT-Smart  
    • GT-Smart: Battery Powered Portable Strapping Tool |Manual, 9-16mm Strapper
    • GT-Smart: Battery Powered Portable Strapping Tool |Manual, 9-16mm Strapper
    GT-Smart: Battery Powered Portable Strapping Tool |Manual, 9-16mm Strapper

    The GT- SMART battery-powered handheld automatic strapper is widely adopted in markets throughout Europe, Asia, and the Americas.

    These strapping machines are popular due to their simple and robust construction, allowing for minimal and easy maintenance.The brush-less motor is powerful and durable. Siat portable battery operated strappers boast a reputation for being beautifully weighted and easy to use.

    The GT-SMART is designed for PP-PET strapping ranging from 9mm to 16mm for 0.4mm to 0.85mm strap thickness.

    The strapping cycle is performed by the push of a single button. You have the option Manual Mode and Soft Mode.

    The GT-SMART is simple, robust, and a pleasure to use.

    Astrolift are a NZ distributor for Siat We keep a stock of spare parts and can service them within New Zealand.

    We also have spare machines that can be dispatched for use while your machine is being serviced.

    Handheld strappers are renowned for being put through their paces. They do a large volume of work and tend to get thrashed due to the nature of the work. We recommend that these machines are sent back to us once a year for servicing, or 6 monthly in heavy-use situations. Regular scheduled maintenance can greatly prolong the life of your machine and minimize down time. Ask about our annual service package.

    • Quality Italian-made
    • Parts and service within NZ
    • Brushless motor
    • Durable and simple maintenance
    • Easy-to-use
    • Digital display with always visible parameters
    • Manual and “Soft” modes
    • Multi-function start button
    • Non-slip rubber handle
    • Strap types: PET, PP
    • Performs both vertical and horizontal strapping
    • 9-16mm strap widths for thicknesses of 0.45mm to 0.85mm 
    • Maximum Tension: 1800N
    • Soft mode for fragile packages
    • Maximum Tension – Soft Mode: 500N
    • Maximum Tension Speed: 15m/min
    • Seal Type: Friction weld seal
    • Weight: 3.5 kg (inc. battery)
    • Battery: 1.5 Ah Li-Ion and charger
    • Spare batteries available for purchase


    Item  Specification 
     Package Type  Flat and round surface
     Seal Type  Friction weld seal
     Strap Type  PET, PP
     Strap Width

    9-16mm(up to 0.85mm thickness)

     Strap Thickness 0.4-0.85mm
     Maximum Tension (per strap) 1800N
     Maximum Tension (on the package) 3600N
     Maximum Tension Speed 14 m/min
     Machine Weight 3.7kg (inc. battery)
     Battery 3.0 Ah Li-ion

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