Shrink Wrap Machines

  • Hood Shrink Wrap Machines

    Hood or chamber-style shrink wrap machines are good for moderate levels of production. They are robust machines that give reliable results every time. Call us today to discuss options

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  • L-Bar Sealer + Heat Tunnel

    Whereas the hood or chamber sealers have the L-bar sealer and heat chamber combined, the L-bar sealer and tunnel combination separates out the sealing and shrinking operations. This allows a faster throughput and higher production runs.

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  • Tunnels for Shrink Wrap Machines

    We have a range of single chamber and double chamber heat tunnels for shrink wrap machines. Call us to discuss options.

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  • Bundle Shrink Wrap Machines

    We have a comprehensive range of bundle wrappers. Astrolift supplies shrink wrap machines for manual wrapping or conveyor-fed inline situations. Feel free to get in contact with us to discuss these popular machines.

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  • Shrink Wrap Film

    Come and see our range of polyolefin shrink wrap film. It comes in standard film thickness of 19 microns, which is suitable for most general applications. Shrink film comes in varying sizes to suit your product. This film has an extremely consistent thickness and is ideal for commercial use.

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