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What Is An Electric Tug?

  • Published: October 30, 2019

  • Updated: April 23, 2020

Powered tugs are battery-powered, pedestrian-operated machines built to move heavy loads on wheels and rails. We supply a wide range of models that can move single loads or multiple loads in a train formation with combined weights of up to 10,000kg.

Versatile Movers

The power and versatility of electric tugs make them ideal for many industries including Airports, Food and Pharmaceutical, Hospitals, Manufacturing, Retail and distribution, and Waste handling.

They are built from three main components: the base, the drawbar, and the coupling. This allows our tugs to fit multiple attachments making them capable of shifting any type of load. Here at Astrolift, we can also custom-manufacture attachments for any situation.

There are also a range of optional extras available to enhance the tugs even more ranging from component upgrades to remote controls.

How can electric tugs help me?


Electric Tugs have multiple applications within an airport from within the terminals all the way to the hangars. The remote-control component allows the walk-behind tugs to push a line of trolleys while the operator manual steers from the front, or the ride-on tugs can be used to pull long lines of trolleys. Coupling brackets can be customised to fit any size and shape of trolley.

Larger powered tugs can be used to pull cargo and luggage trolleys around the tarmac between loading and processing areas. Mild inclines are no problem for the electric tugs, making them an efficient way  to move loads around the airport. They can also be used for shifting trains of waste bins, or for moving access ladders, scaffolds and platforms into place for aircraft maintenance. Movexx powered tugs can even be used for wheeling helicopters and small aircraft in and out of hangers.

Food and Pharmaceutical

Walk-behind electric tugs are available in stainless finishes. These units have minimal joins and are fully enclosed for maintaining a hygienic environment. Powered tugs are ideal for moving around trolleys with ingredients, raw materials, and finished products or transporting heavy items such as mixing containers and vats.

Tugs can also be used to push lines of product within a rail system or trains of bins can be linked up and pulled by a electric tug. They can move over mild inclines so can be a very efficient way to move waste around and keep the facilities clean. Vacuum suction cups couplings can be used to attach to stainless ingredient bins, vats, and drums to make attachment and release a simple matter. Electric tugs can also help with distribution helping get trains of multi-platform trolleys laden with ingredients or produce into stores or a buyer’s warehouse.


Electric Tugs can be valuable assets for moving things to various departments around the hospital. They can take easily shift hospital beds with people on them, boxes of supplies from loading bays to temporary storage areas or relevant departments, they can also be used with cages to transport laundry around the hospital able to move large and heavy volumes of laundry at one time. Because electric tugs are capable to move over mild incline they can be a very efficient way to move waste around, keep the hospital clean, or deliver food to patients or visitors. The physical strain of moving hospital beds alone is huge, the bed- mover powered tugs can be used to make life easier for hospital staff.

Manufacturing and Heavy Industry

Powered tugs are useful in moving about parts and goods from one part of the manufacturing process to the next. They are particularly good at moving around large heavy equipment on wheels or load skates up to a maximum of 10,000kg.

Tugs make order picking efficient and simple. For smaller warehouses walk behind tugs can be used, and ride-on tugs are useful for traveling greater distances. Chains of cages and bins can be pulled by walk- behind and ride-on trolleys to make delivering cargo and picking orders simple and efficient.

Retail and Distribution

Electric tugs are ideal for moving large lines of trolleys, and this can be done by a single operator using the remote control option. Electric tugs can also be used to move whole lines of product in product picking lanes to ensure that product is easy to move into the most ideal locations for your setup, with Platform tugs allow the operator to easily get on and off the tug to pick stock.

Powered Tugs make order picking much more efficient and allow moving larger loads over more distance with complete ease. Tugs are the perfect workmate for distributing product, trolleys and cages can be linked and wheeled from the warehouse to the truck and the truck to the shop, all under the power of your trusty tug.

Waste Handling

Trains of bins can be linked up and pulled by an electric tug, and with the tug easily able to move over mild inclines this can be a very efficient way to move waste around. With multiple attachments available, and custom solutions capable of being made by Astrolift, our powered tugs can work with any kind of bin.

All loads, Great and Small

Electric Tugs are designed for both moving single loads and multiple loads in a train formation. Shifting heavy loads easily, and all done with only one operator, tugs save time, energy, and the physical stress of moving loads by hand.