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  • Extension Ladders

    Extension Ladders

    The NZ-made Warthog and OX ladder ranges are world-renowned for their high quality and are used throughout NZ and overseas. The extension ladders come in both aluminium and fibreglass models.

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  • Platform Ladders and Order-picking Ladders

    Platform Ladders and Order-picking Ladders

    We have a wide range of Ox and Warthog order-picking ladders and platform ladders ranging from 2-steps high to 12-step folding order-picking ladders with lockable castor wheels. These ladders provide a safe platform for reach high areas and order-picking operations.

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  • Self-levelling Stairs

    Self-levelling Stairs

    These aluminium stairs are lightweight and durable. Their rotating steps remain level when you adjust the height of the stairs, the stairs can then be bolted in place at the top and bottom for additional stability.

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  • Step Ladders

    Step Ladders

    Our easily portable step ladders are a practical solution in most domestic or commercial areas. Available in Single, Double sided and telescopic models, these Ox and Warthog step ladders have a solid reputation for quality and are widely used in commercial applications throughout New Zealand.

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