Scissor Lift Tables

  • General Scissor lift tables

    New Zealand's best range of scissor lift tables. Tables come in varying dimensions, heights, and load rating. Come and check out our massive range!

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  • Low Profile Lift Tables

    We stock several models of low profile lift table, including a u-shaped table allowing pallet truck access. These lift tables have a lower installation cost and can be accessed by wheeled carts or pallet trucks.

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  • Mobile Scissor Lift Tables

    A mobile scissor lift trolley is exactly as it sounds. It allows you to lift product by adjusting the table to an ideal working height but is also a trolley that can be moved around your work site while loaded. Check out our range of products inside.

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  • Spring-loaded Lift Tables

    Spring-loaded lift tables are a cost-effective way to bring goods to a safe working height. As the load in your container lessens the table rises up, making the goods inside the container more accessible. View our range of spring-loaded lift tables now!

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  • Tilt Lift Tables

    We stock New Zealand's best range of tilt lift tables. We have a table for your need. Come and have a look at our top quality range!

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