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Pallet Handling

  • Pallet Trucks

    Pallet Trucks

    Our pallet trucks is New Zealand's most comprehensive range. We stock low-profile pallet trucks for CHEP pallets, pallet jacks of varying fork length and width, hi-lift pallet trucks, galvanised and stainless pallet lifts, high-lift pallet jacks and corrosion resistant and clean room pallet trucks.

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  • Pallet Rotator

    Pallet Rotator

    These are sturdy and simple units that allow a pallet to be placed and rotated for easy access. They can be lifted and moved around site by a forklift.

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  • Pallet Wrappers

    Pallet Wrappers

    Huge range of pallet wrappers to suit your price range and production volumes. Whether you are wrapping small runs of pallets or deal with hundreds of pallets per day. We have a machine to suit your situation.

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  • Spring Lift Pallet Table

    Spring Lift Pallet Table

    Spring loaded lift tables for pallets are a cost effective way to bring goods to an safe working height. As the load in your container lessens the table rises up, making the goods inside the container more accessible. View our range of spring lift pallet tables now!

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  • Pallet Dispensers and Straighteners

    Pallet Dispensers and Straighteners

    World-renowned Palomat pallet dispensers have multiple settings for pallet stacking and dispensing. It can handle pallets of almost any size. Check out the details on our website.

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  • Pallet Inverters and Changers

    Pallet Inverters and Changers

    Our pallet inverters are design for inverting loads so that the pallet it was sitting on can be swapped, and come with many programs and configurations. Take a look at our range of quality pallet inverters and call us to discuss!

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