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  • Airport Trolleys

    Airport Trolleys

    Trolleys designed for airports. Our airport trolley range is popular due to the extensive array of sizes and features. Our airport trolleys are tried and tested in airports in New Zealand and globally.

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  • Bins


    The wheeled bins are constructed from rigid ABS panels and a tough zinc-plated base to give these bins a long-lasting and maintenance-free working life.

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  • Drum Dollys

    Drum Dollys

    Dollys and cradles for easily moving individual drums.

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  • Forklift Bin Attachments

    Forklift Bin Attachments

    This forklift-mounted bin attachment is designed to easily allow the driver to empty the contents into a skip bin without needing to leave the forklift.

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  • Hand Trolleys and Hand Trucks

    Hand Trolleys and Hand Trucks

    Our hand trucks are hard wearing and can carry up to 200kg. Both Folding and solid-frame hand trolleys are available. Come and take a look at our first-class hand trucks.

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  • Laundry Trolleys, Cargo and Cage Trolleys

    Laundry Trolleys, Cargo and Cage Trolleys

    Laundry trolleys, cage trolleys and cargo trolleys - largest range in New Zealand. Our mesh trolleys come from a variety of international sources or are manufactured on our premises to meet the specific requirements of our customers. Need some laundry trolleys? Enquire with us now.

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  • Platform Trolleys

    Platform Trolleys

    Huge range of commercial platform trolleys and order-picking trolleys. Single and multi-tier platform trolleys for warehouses, distribution centres, factories and offices throughout New Zealand. We also make to order, so get in contact to discuss your requirements.

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  • Retail Shopping Baskets and Stands

    Retail Shopping Baskets and Stands

    Check out our range of shopping baskets and stands. Hand-held and wheeled retail shopping baskets available.

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  • Retail Shopping Trolleys

    Retail Shopping Trolleys

    Want some shopping trolleys for your retail operation? Come and see our extensive shopping trolley range.

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  • Scissor Lift Trolleys

    Scissor Lift Trolleys

    A mobile scissor lift trolley is exactly as it sounds. It allows you to lift product by adjusting the table to an ideal working height but is also a trolley that can be moved around your work site while loaded. Check out our range of products inside.

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  • Self-Levelling Trolleys

    Self-Levelling Trolleys

    The Ergobin self-levelling trolley is ideal for many industrial applications. Come and take a look at the various trolley configurations.

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  • Wheelie Bins

    Wheelie Bins

    Our wheelie bins are robustly made and come with a 12-month warranty. For a competitively priced and strongly built wheelie bin, call us now!

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