A-Safe Double Traffic Barrier

A-Safe Traffic Double Rail guard rail protects against impact from most vehicles you encounter on work sites. It flexes to absorb most of the impact force, then reforms to its original shape.

A-Safe guard rail works well in clean room and corrosive environments, due to the non toxicity, high chemical resistance, and temperature tolerances of the Memaplex polymer it is constructed from.

A-Safe rail systems reduce maintenence costs and floor repair costs, making the initial investment worth while in enviroments with a lot of vehicular traffic.




  • Finish: Flexible Plastic (Non-conductive, Food Safe and Hygiene Area Safe)

  • Absorbs most impact forces
  • Reforms to original shape
  • Withstands temperature extremes (two options)
  • Modular and multi-directional
  • Outperforms steel and other barrier systems
  • No painting needed
  • Highly durable

Memaplex material:

  • Memaplex 1 Temperature Tolerance: -10 to +50° Celsius
  • Memaplex 2 Temperature Tolerance: -40 to +30° Celsius


Height (Top of Rail) (mm) 745 1100
Standard Section Length (mm) 600 - 2200 600 - 2200
Tested Impact Energy (joules) 40,144 - 20,072 40,144 - 20,072
Equivalent Vehicle Weight (kg) 2000 - 2000 2000 - 2000
Equivalent Vehicle Speed (km/h) 22.9 - 16.1 22.9 - 16.1