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Rubber Dock Bumpers | Loading Bay Wall Protection

Installing Rubber Dock Bumpers are a great option to protect your vehicle loading area or inwards/outwards area. 

Made from fibre-reinforced rubber to protect walls against even the heaviest of vehicles, our dock wall guards are long lasting and will not weaken after impacts from vehicles. Purchase dock bumper wall guards online, or contact one of our support staff for more information.


Rubber Dock Bumper Benefits

  • Astrolift Dock Bumpers provide the perfect impact absorbtion resilience, to protect walls without damaging vehicles
  • Dock Bumpers manufactured from fibre-reinforced rubber, containing nylon & polyester for unbeatable strength and durability
  • Advanced shock absorbtion - These rubber wall guards are great for high traffic loading docks
  • Easy to install, using 16mm fixings


Why Loading Docks need Wall Bumpers

Rubber Dock Bumpers from Astrolift are great for both small and large loading bays alike. As these wall bumpers are small and quick to install, rubber bumpers can be placed in muliple locations quickly. 

Loading Bay Vehicle Protection not only protects from transport vehicle damage, with a wall guard you can avoid the down time to your business if a loading area is damanged. No need for expensive and timely repairs to the building and or loading vehicle.

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