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Plastic Column and Wall Protector | Multi-Use Building Protection

Astrolift's plastic pillar guard can be installed on columns and structures of almost any shape, size and material. Made from Heavy Duty Plastic, these column protectors are have a modular brick construction which means you can create the size and shape of column needed.

These are also ideal as wall guards, as they can be constructed perfectly to fit the entire span of the wall.

column guards are designed to minimise damage to structural columns, walls and assets in buildings, carparks and warehouses resulting from forklift or vehicle impact. 

Our durable pillar guards have an interlocking construction that you can adapt to any site. Simple and fast 'wrap around' installation with no drilling, velcro or fasteners or damage to the building or column.

Astrolift's plastic column guards have integrated, curved energy absorbers that provide a staged impact response, reducing damage to cars, trucks and buildings. These column protectors perform well in a wide range of environments, including cold stores down to -40°C.

Our plastic Column Protectors are much cheaper than alternative building protection products and provide great protection and easy to relocate.

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