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Types of Self-Levelling Trolleys and Bins

There are various types of self-levelling trolleys and bins available, each designed to cater to specific requirements and applications. Some common types include:

Spring-loaded trolleys and bins: These utilize a spring mechanism to automatically adjust the height of the platform as the load changes. They are suitable for light to medium-duty applications.

Hydraulic trolleys and bins: These feature a hydraulic mechanism to maintain an optimal working height, providing a smoother and more precise height adjustment. They are ideal for heavy-duty applications and offer greater weight capacity.

Mobile trolleys: Equipped with casters, these trolleys can be easily moved around the workspace, offering increased flexibility and adaptability.

Stationary bins: Designed to remain in a fixed location, these bins are ideal for use in assembly lines, workstations, or other applications where mobility is not required.


Selecting the Right Self-Levelling Trolley or Bin

When choosing the ideal self-levelling trolley or bin for your needs, consider the following factors:

Load capacity: Assess the weight of the items you plan to handle and choose a product with a suitable weight capacity.

Platform size: Ensure the platform dimensions are adequate for your intended application and can accommodate the items you will be handling.

Mobility: Consider whether you require a mobile or stationary solution based on your workspace layout and material handling needs.

Customization: Evaluate if you need customizable options, such as adjustable weight capacities or platform sizes, to meet your unique requirements.


Proper Use and Maintenance

To ensure the longevity and optimal performance of your self-levelling trolley or bin, follow these best practices:

1. Adhere to the manufacturer's guidelines regarding weight capacity, operation, and maintenance.
2. Regularly inspect the trolley or bin for signs of wear, damage, or malfunction.
3. Keep the trolley or bin clean and free from debris to prevent potential operational issues.
4. Replace worn or damaged components promptly to maintain the safety and efficiency of the equipment.


Discover our extensive range of high-quality self-levelling trolleys and bins, designed to enhance efficiency, safety, and ergonomics in various industries. Browse our selection of spring-loaded, hydraulic, mobile, and stationary options, each tailored to cater to your unique material handling needs.


Check out our in-depth information on selecting the perfect product, proper use and maintenance, and the benefits of choosing Astrolift as your trusted supplier. Experience the advantages of improved productivity, reduced workplace injuries, versatile applications, and long-lasting performance with our self-levelling trolleys and bins.

What is a self-levelling trolley or bin?

A self-levelling trolley or bin is a specialized piece of warehouse equipment designed to automatically adjust its height as the load changes, ensuring ergonomic handling and efficient material movement.

How do self-levelling trolleys and bins work?

These products utilize a spring-loaded platform or hydraulic mechanism to automatically adjust the height of the load, reducing the need for manual lifting and promoting better ergonomics.

Are self-levelling trolleys and bins suitable for all industries?

Yes, these versatile products can be used across various industries, including warehousing, manufacturing, retail, and more, as they improve efficiency and reduce the risk of workplace injuries.

Can self-levelling trolleys and bins handle heavy loads?

Yes, our range includes models with varying weight capacities to accommodate different load requirements, from lightweight items to heavy-duty applications.

Are there different types of self-levelling trolleys and bins available?

Yes, we offer a diverse selection of designs, including mobile trolleys, stationary bins, and even customizable options to suit specific needs.

How do I choose the right self-levelling trolley or bin for my needs?

Consider factors such as your workspace layout, load capacity requirements, and desired mobility when selecting the ideal product for your needs.

Are self-levelling trolleys and bins easy to maintain?

Yes, our products are designed with low-maintenance components and easily replaceable parts to ensure long-lasting performance and minimal downtime.

How do self-levelling trolleys and bins improve workplace safety?

By minimizing manual lifting and promoting proper ergonomics, these products help reduce the risk of strain injuries and accidents associated with handling heavy loads.