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Doorway Height Restrictor Bollard

Flexible Doorway Bollards | Height Restricting Doorway Barrier

A-Safe Flexible Doorway Bollard protects from vehicle impacts and avoids accidents in the workplace. Astrolift are the New Zealand suppliers for the original A-Safe flexible barrier system, delivering nationwide.Doorway Bollards are also ideal in places where there are hanging cable tracks, air ducting or other height hazzards for forklifts and vehicles to collide with. 

Are Flexible Bollards better than steel?

Steel doorway barriers will oftern need replacing after a collision. Additionally, this often requires the resetting of the cement which is costly. Flexible Polymer Plastic Bollards absorb impacts from forklifts, then will reform to its original shape, leaving no damage to the bollard, to the vehicle, or to the cement fixings.