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Traffic Barriers: Managing Vehicle Traffic
Traffic barriers are crucial for controlling vehicle movement within your facility. They can be used to separate vehicle lanes, restrict access to specific areas, and guide traffic flow. These barriers come in various styles, including guardrails, traffic cones, and modular barriers, allowing you to select the best solution for your needs.


Pedestrian Barriers and Gates: Ensuring Pedestrian Safety
Pedestrian barriers and gates help manage foot traffic, keeping pedestrians safe by separating them from vehicle traffic and hazardous areas. These barriers may include safety railing systems, portable barriers, and pedestrian gates, which provide secure access points and prevent unauthorised entry.


Expandable Gates: Flexible and Adaptable Barrier Solutions
Expandable gates offer a versatile solution for managing both pedestrian and vehicle traffic. They can be easily extended or retracted to create temporary barriers or access points when needed, making them an ideal choice for areas with fluctuating traffic patterns or during special events.


Downpipe Protectors: Safeguarding Essential Infrastructure
Downpipe protectors shield vulnerable pipes and columns from accidental impact, preventing costly damage and potential safety hazards. These protectors come in various styles, such as column guards and corner protectors, and are made from materials like steel, plastic, or foam to provide effective protection.


Warehouse Safety Signage: Clear Communication and Safety Compliance
Warehouse safety signage communicates important safety information, such as hazard warnings, instructions, and emergency procedures. Signs can be customised to meet specific needs and are available in a variety of materials, ensuring durability and visibility in any environment.


Bollards: Robust Protection for People and Assets
Bollards provide a strong and durable barrier solution, ideal for protecting equipment, building structures, and pedestrians from vehicle impact. Available in various materials, sizes, and finishes, bollards can be used both indoors and outdoors to create a safe and secure environment.


Mezzanine Loading Gates: Safe and Efficient Material Handling
Mezzanine loading gates ensure safe and efficient loading and unloading of goods from elevated storage areas. These gates are designed to prevent falls and accidents, offering a secure barrier while allowing for easy access to materials.


Astrolift Benefits:
Our extensive range of traffic and pedestrian safety barriers offers the ideal solution for any warehouse or worksite looking to protect its people and assets. By selecting the right barriers and signage, you can create a safer and more efficient working environment, minimising the risk of accidents and ensuring compliance with safety regulations.


Astrolift is dedicated to providing high-quality safety barrier solutions, with a focus on innovation, durability, and customer satisfaction. Our team of experts is here to help you find the perfect barrier solution to meet your unique needs, ensuring that your facility remains a safe and productive workspace for years to come. Explore our range today and experience the benefits of partnering with Astrolift for all your safety barrier needs.

What are the different types of safety barriers available?

Safety barriers come in various forms, including traffic barriers, pedestrian barriers, gates, expandable gates, downpipe protectors, warehouse safety signage, bollards and mezzanine loading gates.

What materials are used in the construction of safety barriers?

Safety barriers are typically made from steel, plastic, or pipe products, offering durability and long-lasting protection.

What finishes are available for steel safety barriers?

Steel safety barriers are available in powder-coated, galvanised, powder coating over galvanised, or stainless steel finishes.

How do I choose the right safety barrier for my needs?

Consider factors such as the size of the area you need to protect, the type of traffic in the area, and the specific hazards you want to address when selecting the appropriate safety barrier.

Are safety barriers easy to install?

Most safety barriers are designed for easy installation, but it's essential to follow the manufacturer's guidelines and consult with a professional if you're unsure about the process.

Can safety barriers be customised to match my warehouse or worksite?

Many safety barrier options can be customised in terms of colour, size, and material to suit your specific requirements.

How do I maintain my safety barriers?

Regular inspection and maintenance, such as checking for damage and ensuring proper installation, are crucial to keeping your safety barriers effective.

Are safety barriers a legal requirement in warehouses and worksites?

While specific regulations may vary, safety barriers are generally required to protect people and assets in potentially hazardous areas.

What is the purpose of warehouse safety signage?

Warehouse safety signage serves to communicate important safety information and instructions, helping to prevent accidents and ensure the well-being of staff and visitors.

What are the benefits of using mezzanine loading gates?

Mezzanine loading gates provide a safe and efficient way to load and unload goods from elevated storage areas while preventing falls and accidents.