Materials Handling

Have you got a workspace where loading and unloading boxes and pallets are the hardest jobs of all? Or no way of moving pallets from one area to another? Is a worker on sick leave with a sore back from lifting and carrying goods too heavy for them?

Astrolift is a leading supplier of materials handling equipment in New Zealand, meaning we have a wide range of products designed to increase your safety and efficiency at work. From pallet stackers and lift tables for loading and unloading, to pallet trucks for transporting pallets, to electric tugs that can pull heavy loads long distances. With a wide range of products, we endeavour to increase the safety and efficiency of your workplace, be it a small store or large factory. Lifting, stacking, moving or storing, we have a solution for you aimed at making your workplace the best it can be.

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  • Trolleys
  • Tugs and Dumpers
  • Utility Lifters
  • Waste
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