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Standard Air Pallet and Electric Dispensers are able to store and stack pallets securely while they are not in use.  They automatically lift or lower the stack inside the inverter so they are not liable to tip or be disturbed which can create a toppling pile.  There is a range of these available that can stack up to 25 pallets safely.


Reclining Pallet Inverters can turn and rotate pallet stock up to 180 degrees making it an ideal piece of machinery for printers and paper manufacturers as stacks of paper can be turned for reverse side printing and loaded up to the printer.  Paper is very heavy to turn manually so this is an essential tool in the printing industry or any similar situation.


The floor loading Compact Pallet Inverter

This floor loading compact pallet inverter is especially useful for inverting containers of liquid and boxes and typically loads with lower weights.  The dual clamp operation allows the tables to open close to the floor for loading with a pallet truck.


The non-inversion pallet changer will quickly and efficiently tip the load sideways so the pallet can be removed and changed to a more stable or hygenic pallet.  Tipping the load this way is an excellent method of retaining the integrity of the load while swapping out the pallet.


The manual Pallet Straightener will keep your stack neat and tidy as it carefully secures and straightens pallets so they are stored in a straight and even manner when in the stacker.  No need for manual shuffling around of the pallets to get them in a straight line.


The Reclining Pallet Inverter is a custom built inverter that has a capacity of up to 10000kg and safely reclines to hold the stack in place for effortless materials handling and changing of pallets.  This inverter is fully automated with a manual override option.  A tried and tested method of handling difficult loads.


Pallet Inverters, an Overview

All these pallet inverters, whether air, electric, stack only or reclining, make changing pallets an effortless task and operators will not hesitate to change a pallet that looks unstable if they know how easy it is to undertake with the help of the pallet inverter.  Much less room for operator error than trying to manually change a pallet over.  Any company that has goods arriving into their store on pallets will often get a damaged or broken pallet whether they are in a warehouse, retail store, hospitality, pharmaceutical, print houses, paper merchants or basically any business situation where goods are arriving into store on a pallet.  Sometimes a load of pallets may arrive with soft goods such as sugar or flour and the sack at the base may be torn.  In this situation a pallet inverter is essential to turn the pallet, putting the torn sack at the top so it can be easily removed without needing to remove every sack to get to it.


Taking care of your Pallet Inverter

Every single day the various types of pallet wrappers are in action so to keep them operating safely they must be regularly maintained.  Full training must be given before pallet inverters are used so that no worker will take short cuts to try and get the job done quicker than is possible.  Always stay on the safe side of the inverter when loading.  OSH can perform an inspection at any time so care should be taken at all times to ensure the machinery is being driven and operated at the correct level.

What is a pallet inverter?

A pallet inverter is a specialised piece of equipment designed to safely and efficiently rotate pallet loads, allowing for easy replacement of damaged pallets or switching between pallet types.

How does a pallet inverter work?

A pallet inverter works by securely clamping a loaded pallet between two plates and rotating it 180 degrees, allowing for the easy removal of damaged pallets and replacement with stronger, more stable pallets.

What industries benefit from using pallet inverters?

Pallet inverters are useful in various industries, including warehousing, logistics, food and beverage production, and manufacturing, where the handling of loaded pallets is a frequent and critical task.

How does a pallet inverter save time and labour?

A pallet inverter speeds up the pallet handling process by up to 90% compared to manual handling, reducing the time and effort required to replace damaged pallets or switch between pallet types.

Are pallet inverters safe to use?

Yes, pallet inverters are designed with safety features such as secure clamping mechanisms and controlled rotation speeds, ensuring the safe handling of loaded pallets.

What types of pallet inverters are available?

Pallet inverters come in various styles, including mobile, stationary, and in-ground models, to accommodate different workplace needs and applications.

Can pallet inverters handle different pallet sizes and types?

Most pallet inverters are designed to handle a wide range of pallet sizes and types, including wooden, plastic, and metal pallets, providing versatility for various industry requirements.

How do I choose the right pallet inverter for my needs?

To choose the right pallet inverter, consider factors such as the type and size of pallets you handle, the weight of your loads, the frequency of pallet handling, and available workspace.

To choose the right pallet inverter, consider factors such as the type and size of pallets you handle, the weight of your loads, the frequency of pallet handling, and available workspace.

Some pallet inverters can function as pallet dispensers, providing an efficient solution for both pallet inversion and dispensing in a single device.

What is the typical price range for a pallet inverter?

Pallet inverters can range in price depending on the model, capacity, and features. It's essential to assess your needs and budget to find the best option for your business.