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Astrolift offer New Zealand's most extensive range of warehouse equipment and are dedicated to consistently enhancing the quality and variety of our product offerings.

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We care deeply about Our Valued Clients & are always striving to offer reliable, knowledgeable & easy operational solutions.

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Astrolift provide Prompt & reliable backup service throughout NZ & carry a huge range of spare parts – Our goal is to minimise your machine downtime.

Forklift Man Cages (Forklift Man Baskets)

Forklift man cages, also known as forklift man baskets, are designed to provide a secure platform for personnel working at height. These cages are equipped with safety features such as non-slip flooring, guardrails, and secure attachment points for harnesses. When selecting a forklift man cage, it's essential to consider factors such as cage dimensions, load capacity, and compatibility with your specific forklift model.


Industrial Safety Helmets

Industrial safety helmets are a crucial component of personal protective equipment (PPE) when working with forklift cages. They protect the wearer from potential head injuries caused by falling objects or contact with overhead structures. It's important to choose safety helmets that meet NZ safety standards and are appropriate for the specific tasks and hazards present in your workplace.


Forklift Cage Safety Harnesses

Forklift cage safety harnesses are designed to secure personnel within the safety cage, preventing falls from height. These harnesses should be comfortable, adjustable, and easy to use, ensuring that workers remain safe and secure throughout their tasks. Ensure that the harnesses you choose meet NZ safety standards and are compatible with your forklift cage.


Webbing Lanyards

Webbing lanyards are used in conjunction with safety harnesses to provide an additional level of fall protection. These lanyards connect the harness to a secure anchor point, such as a forklift cage attachment point. When selecting webbing lanyards, consider factors such as length, strength, and compatibility with your safety harness and forklift cage.

In conclusion, investing in high-quality forklift cages and safety gear is essential for businesses looking to improve safety, compliance, productivity, and overall workplace efficiency. Our Astrolift safety cages and safety gear are designed to meet the specific needs of New Zealand businesses, ensuring that your personnel can work safely and confidently at height.

Astrolift is committed to providing top-quality, NZ-certified safety solutions for businesses across various industries. Our range of forklift cages, safety gear, and accessories is designed to meet the highest safety standards while offering versatility and flexibility to suit your specific needs. By choosing Astrolift, you can trust that you are investing in reliable, durable, and cost-effective safety solutions that will keep your workplace secure and productive.

What is the purpose of a forklift safety cage?

A forklift safety cage provides a secure and stable platform for personnel to work at height while being elevated by a forklift, ensuring their safety.

Are Astrolift safety cages NZ certified?

Yes, Astrolift safety cages are NZ certified and have a safe working load (SWL) of 250kg, allowing for the weight of two persons and their tools.

What is the difference between a Forklift Man Cage and a Forklift Man Basket?

Both terms refer to the same product, a safety cage designed for personnel to work at height while being elevated by a forklift.

What type of safety gear should be used in conjunction with a forklift safety cage?

Industrial safety helmets, forklift cage safety harnesses, and webbing lanyards are essential safety gear when working with a forklift safety cage.

How often should safety gear be inspected?

Safety gear should be inspected before each use and regularly checked for signs of wear, damage, or defects. It's essential to follow the manufacturer's guidelines for inspection and maintenance.

Are forklift safety cages suitable for all types of forklifts?

Forklift safety cages are designed to be compatible with most forklifts, but it's crucial to check the specific requirements and compatibility with your forklift model.

Can a forklift safety cage be used for multiple applications?

Yes, forklift safety cages are ideal for various applications such as maintenance, inspections, stocktaking, and more, providing safe and mobile access at heights.

What is the safe working load (SWL) of an Astrolift safety cage?

The safe working load (SWL) of an Astrolift safety cage is 250kg, which allows for the weight of two persons and their tools.

Do I need training to use a forklift safety cage?

Proper training is essential to ensure the safe operation of a forklift safety cage. Operators should be familiar with safety guidelines, cage features, and forklift operation.

How do I choose the right safety gear for my needs?

Consider the specific tasks, environment, and hazards present in your workplace when selecting safety gear. Consult with safety experts and follow industry guidelines to ensure proper protection.