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Full Pallet Stacker Product Information

The Electric Counter-balance Stacker is fully electric and able to carry loads of up to 1300kg capacity.  The counter-balance built into the back allows the forks to be shifted beyond the front legs so it can be driven right up to the shelving units without coming into contact with the shelf legs or pallets on the ground.


Applications of Pallet Stackers

The industries where pallet stackers are applied include Manufacturing plants, Retail stores, Factory floors, Warehouse facilities etc.

Pallet stackers are particularly used in warehouses that handle high-volume or mid-sized commodities. A stacker's modest physical footprint allows it to be maneuvered into a variety of configurations quickly and intuitively. This greatly expands their functionality and makes them a valuable tool in a wide range of professional situations.

If you want to get the most out of your stacker, be sure it's being used by trained employees who are following all OSHA regulations. Stackers are effective over a wide range of transport distances, making small jobs swift and efficient while also reducing the work required for longer runs. They're especially excellent for operations that require more loading and maneuvering time with larger, more complex vehicles. They're especially effective for operations that demand more loading and maneuvering time with larger, heavier forklifts or non-motorized pallet carts that require human assistance.

Stackers are often used for small to medium-sized goods weighing between 600 and 2000 kilos. This is combined with their ability to move quickly and precisely, allowing for a quick, safe pace and a steady walk, reducing employee effort and utilizing current technology to reduce workplace stress.

Pallet stackers can be a terrific addition to your organization, and quality providers will have a variety of solutions to fit your specific requirements. Big-duty stackers for lifting heavy materials or nimble stackers for volume work, both enable your workers to go beyond what would be physically or safely achievable with traditional equipment.


Electric Straddle Stacking Machines 

The Electric Straddle Stacker has a stainless steel finish which makes it ideal for food grade and cold storage operations.  There are several models available with lifting capacity up to 1400 kg.  A safe and easy to ride straddle stacker with emergency stop buttons on the tiller and body of the machine.

Electric Straddle Stacker with Auto levelling will ensure the load is kept at an ergonomic height so the operator can load and unload a pallet directly on the forks.  With the auto senor the load is automatically raised and lowered to keep it at the correct height for the operator, saving back strain and injury.


Semi-Electric Pallet Stackers

The semi-electric pallet stacker has a manual drive and electric lift.  Various models have lifting capacity up to 2000kg and this pallet stacker is great for moving pallets without bottom boards.  The adjustable forks spread suitably for the varying pallet sizes.


Pallet Stackers Ideal for New Zealand Businesses.

Every business that has a factory or warehouse with high shelving and a quantity of boxes or pallets that need to be unloaded and stored on high shelves, should invest in one of these electric or semi-electric stackers.  They are sometimes called walkie stackers and they are a tool designed to ensure your workers and employees are able to distribute goods and handle materials easier.  Time saving and cost cutting is an obvious saving to the bottom line of any business or enterprise so warehouses, logistic departments, factories or any facility that has a large quantity of product that needs to be stacked at height will greatly benefit from one of Astrolifts electric or semi-electric stackers.


Maintaining your Pallet Stacking Machine

Motors and hydraulics on any pallet stacker needs regular maintenance and oiling of appropriate parts to keep them running smoothly.  Operators should be trained in the correct use and care of all this type of equipment to ensure the full use of the stackers when needed for the task they will be undertaking.  Regular checks save downtime and a well oiled machine is sure to give trouble free operation and longer life to the company.  Never overload the stacker or try to carry extra riders as this may cause the stackers to tip or make them unstable.


How high can a Pallet Stacker Lift?

The height of lift depends on the model. Our Pallet Stacking Equipment can lift pallets from 1 inch, up to well over 2.5 meters.

How do I choose a Pallet Stacker?

There are a number of things to consider when choosing your pallet stacker: Size of load – What weight will it need to handle? What are the sizes of the pallets you’ll be moving? You need to ensure the stacker you select is up to the job Required lift height – Where are you moving the loads to? How high up will the pallets need to go? The area you’re using the stacker – Are there any restrictions where you’re planning to use the stacker? Are there overhead obstructions – lights, beams etc? Is there open space to manoeuvre? Type of pallet being moved – Are the pallets you’re moving ‘open’ or ‘closed’? This is essential – see below for more details – you need to make sure you have the right type of stacker for your pallets. Operation – How many lifts are you expecting to do per shift? Is it viable to operate a manual lift in a busy working environment? Will manual operation put unnecessary pressure on those using the stacker? Charging – Stackers take eight hours on average to charge, (we suggest overnight charging) so you’ll need to ensure you have the space to do this for that amount of time.

Do you need training to operate a pallet Stacking Machine?

There is no operator license in NZ for pallet stackers so you don’t need a licence for an electric pallet stacker. You do not need a license to operate pallet stackers, however employers have a legal responsibility to ensure that all personnel who use pallet trucks are adequately trained to protect the health and safety of themselves and others. With this in mind, your employer may ask you to attend a pallet truck training course which involves the provision of a training certificate upon successful completion. Certificates of this nature aren’t licences but they can help employers to demonstrate that they have provided adequate training.

What is the difference between Pallet Stackers and Forklifts?

The difference between the stacker and the forklift is that the height of the heap is a little different from the forklift, and the forklift is a general forklift, and the goods are forked in the factory. Stacking cars are more. Those high lift forklifts are good access machine, also known as stacker, used in automated warehouse crane. The means of stacking is to pile the goods higher and higher, and to become a stack. Stacker is a kind of wheeled vehicle for loading and unloading, heap height, stacking and short distance transportation. A forklift is an industrial transport vehicle. It refers to a variety of wheeled vehicles for loading and unloading, stacking and short haul transportation of pallet goods.