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Astrolift offer New Zealand's most extensive range of warehouse equipment and are dedicated to consistently enhancing the quality and variety of our product offerings.

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We care deeply about Our Valued Clients & are always striving to offer reliable, knowledgeable & easy operational solutions.

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Astrolift provide Prompt & reliable backup service throughout NZ & carry a huge range of spare parts – Our goal is to minimise your machine downtime.

Types of High Lift Pallet Trucks

Manual High Lift Pallet Trucks: These are cost-effective and suitable for smaller warehouses or businesses with lower volume needs. They require physical effort to pump the handle and lift the load.

Electric High Lift Pallet Trucks: These are powered by batteries and offer increased efficiency and ease of use, ideal for larger warehouses or businesses with high volume requirements.


Key Features to Consider

Lifting Capacity: Assess your typical load requirements to select a high lift pallet truck with a suitable lifting capacity.

Maximum Lifting Height: Depending on your warehouse setup and shelving height, choose a truck with an appropriate maximum lifting height.

Dimensions: Ensure the pallet truck fits within the aisles and storage areas of your facility.

Wheel Material: Choose the right wheel material for your floor surface and working environment (e.g., polyurethane, nylon, or rubber).


Proper Usage and Safety Guidelines

Training: Ensure all operators receive proper training on how to use and maintain high lift pallet trucks.

Load Distribution: Always load pallets evenly and within the truck's specified weight capacity.

Speed: Operate the pallet truck at a safe and controlled speed, especially when turning or navigating narrow aisles.

Maintenance: Perform regular maintenance checks and repairs as needed to keep the equipment in optimal working condition.


The Benefits of Astrolift



Astrolift is a leading supplier of high-quality warehouse equipment, including a wide range of high lift pallet trucks. By choosing Astrolift, you can benefit from:

Expert Advice: Our knowledgeable team can guide you in selecting the perfect high lift pallet truck to meet your business needs and budget.

Quality Products: Astrolift is committed to providing reliable, durable, and high-performing equipment that is built to last.

Comprehensive Support: Our after-sales support includes maintenance, repairs, and spare parts, ensuring your investment remains in optimal working condition for years to come.

Custom Solutions: We understand that every business is unique, which is why we offer custom-tailored solutions to address your specific requirements and challenges.


In conclusion, high lift pallet trucks offer numerous benefits, including increased efficiency, improved worker safety, versatility, and reduced labor costs. Trust Astrolift for your high lift pallet truck needs and experience the difference in quality and service that sets us apart.

What is a high lift pallet truck?

A high lift pallet truck is a material handling equipment designed to lift and transport heavy pallets at an elevated height, making it easier to load and unload goods.

How do high lift pallet trucks differ from standard pallet trucks?

High lift pallet trucks are capable of lifting pallets to greater heights compared to standard pallet trucks, making them more versatile for stacking and accessing high shelves.

What is the typical lifting capacity of a high lift pallet truck?

The lifting capacity of high lift pallet trucks varies, but typically ranges between 1,000 and 3,000 kg.

Are high lift pallet trucks electric or manual?

Both electric and manual high lift pallet trucks are available, with electric models offering increased efficiency and ease of operation.

Can high lift pallet trucks be used with different types of pallets?

Yes, most high lift pallet trucks are compatible with a variety of pallet types, including Euro, Chep, and US pallets.

Are high lift pallet trucks suitable for use on uneven surfaces?

High lift pallet trucks are generally designed for use on flat, smooth surfaces, but some models may be equipped with specialized wheels for use on uneven terrain.