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Types of Pallet Inverters and Changers


There are several types of pallet inverters and changers, each designed to meet specific needs and warehouse configurations. The most common types include:

Mobile Pallet Inverters/Changers These are portable, allowing easy movement within the warehouse, ideal for smaller operations or when flexibility is needed.

Floor-standing Pallet Inverters/Changers These are stationary, often used in larger warehouses, and can be integrated with conveyor systems for a seamless workflow.

In-line Pallet Inverters/Changers These are designed to integrate directly into your production line or conveyor system, offering a fully automated solution to pallet handling.


Key Features to Consider

When selecting a pallet inverter or changer, consider these essential features to ensure the best fit for your business:
a. Load Capacity
Choose a model with a suitable load capacity, taking into account the weight and dimensions of the goods you handle.

b. Pallet Compatibility
Ensure the chosen model can accommodate different pallet materials and sizes you use in your operation.

c. Safety Features
Look for safety features like load sensors, emergency stop buttons, and safety gates to ensure a secure working environment.

d. Ease of Operation
Opt for a user-friendly model with intuitive controls, making it easy for your team to operate with minimal training.


Proper Maintenance and Care

Regular maintenance is crucial to keep your pallet inverter or changer running smoothly and prolong its lifespan. Follow these best practices:

Regular Inspections
Inspect your machine routinely for wear and tear, damage, or any potential issues that could affect its performance.

Keep all moving parts well-lubricated to reduce friction and prevent premature wear.

Clean your machine regularly to remove dust, dirt, and debris that can affect its functionality.

Manufacturer's Guidelines
Always follow the manufacturer's maintenance recommendations and schedule to ensure optimal performance and longevity.


Astrolift is a leading supplier of warehouse and materials handling equipment, offering a wide range of innovative solutions, including pallet inverters and changers.

What is a pallet inverter and pallet changer?

A pallet inverter is a machine that rotates goods and pallets 180 degrees, while a pallet changer transfers goods between different pallets without rotation.

Why would I need a pallet inverter or pallet changer?

They are essential for efficient warehouse operations, ensuring safe, quick, and easy transfer of goods between pallets and minimizing manual labor.

How do pallet inverters and changers help with hygiene and product quality?

By minimizing manual handling, they reduce contamination risks and maintain product quality, especially in food, pharmaceutical, and chemical industries.

What types of pallet inverters and changers are available?

There are various types, including mobile, floor-standing, and in-line models, each designed for specific requirements and warehouse setups.

Can I use a pallet inverter/changer with different types of pallets?

Yes, most pallet inverters and changers are compatible with different pallet materials and sizes, but it's crucial to choose a suitable model for your specific needs.

How do I know which pallet inverter or changer is right for my business?

Consider factors such as your warehouse layout, type of goods, required throughput, and budget to select the most suitable model.

Are pallet inverters and changers easy to operate?

Yes, modern pallet inverters and changers have user-friendly controls and are designed for easy operation, often requiring minimal training.

How can a pallet inverter/changer reduce the risk of workplace injuries?

By automating pallet handling processes, they minimize manual labor and the risks associated with lifting heavy loads, leading to a safer work environment.

Are pallet inverters and changers easy to maintain?

Yes, regular inspections and maintenance will ensure optimal performance and longevity, and most manufacturers provide detailed guidelines.