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Astrolift offer New Zealand's most extensive range of warehouse equipment and are dedicated to consistently enhancing the quality and variety of our product offerings.

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We care deeply about Our Valued Clients & are always striving to offer reliable, knowledgeable & easy operational solutions.

Backup Service & Spares

Astrolift provide Prompt & reliable backup service throughout NZ & carry a huge range of spare parts – Our goal is to minimise your machine downtime.

Astrolift has the widest range of Matieral Handling Equipment, including:

Cage trolleys - are versatile material handling tools commonly used in industries and warehouses. These wheeled carts feature an open, cage-like structure, allowing easy transportation of goods, boxes, or equipment. They offer efficient storage, mobility, and visibility, making them ideal for organizing and moving items in a safe and organized manner.

Wheel Airport Trolley – Everyone knows how useful the airport trolley is when travelling around.  Imagine having to lift and carry all bags and luggage around the airport without the use of the 3-wheeled heavy duty airport trollies.  With their easy grip handles and stainless steel finish, these trolleys are a reliable trolley for transporting luggage to and from cars when arriving and departing the airports.  In a hurry to catch a flight and there is no time to be slowed down with heaving heavy bags along.  The airport trolleys do all the hard work for us.  Then when we are finished with them they can be easily and safely nested together in the trolley park area.


The large wheeled bins are a durable and easy to handle bin with a large capacity suitable for wheeling laundry, stock or clean items so are ideal for commercial laundromats, stock handling areas and hygiene conscious types of work.  With several models to choose from and load capacities up to 700kg, the wheeled Ergobin trolleys are essential for shifting high volumes of laundry or other clean, loose or hygiene friendly items.


The order-picking trolleys come in a range of sizes and types from the single shelf, double shelf or multi shelf range.  There is the single handle model ideal as an order picking trolley or the double handle trolley used in pharmaucetical areas or hospital corridors for serving meals to patients from the hospital kitchens.  The double handle trolleys have the advantage of being able to be wheeled from either side without needing to turn the trolley around in tighter spaces.  With their non-skid surface the operator can be sure to safely deliver the goods without damage, breakage or spillage.


The Multi-purpose Utility Storage Cart is as the name suggests.  A very versatile multi-purpose trolley or cart for maintenance workers, mechanics or other tradesmen as it has a drawer for storing small pieces of equipment and there are various models for different operations and the trolleys come with various numbers of shelves.  The aluminium frame, strong castors and non-scratch easy clean platforms make this cart an important utility storage trolley for numerous industries.


The Platform Trolleys with their double handles, single handles or tall end frames have many multiple uses and some can be folded away when not in use for easy storage.  Moving boxes and cartons is easy with the platform trolley and order picking is a breeze for loading and shifting goods to other areas of workshops and warehouses.  The non slip surface and flatbed on the trolley makes wheeling goods no effort to the worker.  The single platform trolley with high sides is ideal in the supermarket where numerous boxes and cartons are taken from the warehouse floor to the retail area for unpacking and loading onto shelves as this makes for effortless moving of heavy loads.


Shopping Baskets and Shopping Trolleys are mandatory in supermarkets and grocery stores throughout the country.  No grocery supplier could be without a range of shopping baskets and shopping trolleys, whether the large bin trolley or the mini shopping trolley for smaller family shoppers.  The shopping trolley with bottom shelf is most suited to the plant warehouses and nursuries as plants can be placed on the bottom shelf and smaller items at the top, then wheeled to the checkout area.  There is also the Trolley Baby Capsule which is essential for the busy mother when shopping with an infant as the goods can be placed in the trolley and the infant in the baby capsule for safety.


The Clax Cart Folding Trolley is another lightweight foldable shopping cart with bottom shelf which is ideal for plant and nursery industries where large bags of manure or the like can be placed on the bottom shelf and plants securely in the top basket.  When not in use these Clax cart trolleys can be folded away for compact storage.  A world leading plastic shopping trolley with a capacity of up to 60kg.  The folding trolley folds down easily at the push of a button.


Astrolift is New Zealand's leading Trolley and Handling Equipment Supplier

In situations where flexibility is essential there is a range of trolleys to suit every need.  They are lightweight and compact and easy to handle and move around whether they are a hand truck, simple trolley, airport trolley, supermarket trolley, order picking trolley or any other necessary carting trolley, the trolley is an essential working tool in many many situations.  They improve the workflow and overall ergonomics of the working environment and cannot be done without in any area where goods of all kinds are needing to the shifted or sold.  They can even be used by farmers needing to shift animals with the cage trolleys as this is a safe and hygienic way to do the job.


Maintaining your Trolley

Disinfectant wipes can be used to wipe all areas of the trolleys down, especially handles where operators are touching.  Most of the different types of trolleys are very low maintenance and easy to keep in working order.  Castors and wheels can be replaced as they age and the powder coated finish keeps them rust free for many a long journey whether used inside or in the outdoor environment.


What types of trolleys are available at Astrolift?

Astrolift offers a diverse range of trolleys, including platform trolleys, hand trucks, service carts, and more, designed for various uses in commercial and residential settings.

Can Astrolift trolleys be used in multi-level buildings?

Yes, Astrolift trolleys are designed to easily fit into elevators, making them suitable for use in multi-level buildings.

How do I choose the right trolley for my needs?

Consider factors such as load capacity, wheel type, handle design, and material construction when selecting a trolley. Understanding your specific requirements will help you choose the right trolley for optimal performance.

Can Astrolift customise trolleys to meet specific requirements?

Yes, Astrolift can work with you to design and manufacture a customised trolley solution tailored to your specific needs, ensuring optimal performance and satisfaction.

How do I maintain and care for my trolley?

Regular maintenance and care include checking for wear and tear, cleaning the wheels and bearings, and ensuring the structural integrity of the trolley is maintained.

Are replacement parts available for Astrolift trolleys?

Yes, Astrolift offers replacement parts for trolleys, ensuring the longevity and optimal performance of your investment.