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Fixings and anchors are essential components used to secure traffic safety products such as barriers, speed humps, and wheel stops. They play a crucial role in maintaining the stability and effectiveness of these safety devices, ensuring they perform optimally under various conditions. In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the different types of fixings and anchors, their applications, and important considerations when selecting and installing these crucial components.


Types of Fixings and Anchors

Wedge anchors are heavy-duty, expansion-type anchors designed for use in solid concrete. They consist of a threaded rod, a wedge-shaped expansion clip, and a nut and washer. When tightened, the wedge is driven into the anchor body, expanding it against the concrete to create a secure, long-lasting bond. These anchors are suitable for high-load applications and provide excellent resistance to vibration and shock.

SHFK4 fixings are versatile and easy-to-install anchors ideal for use with a variety of traffic safety products. They feature a countersunk head and are designed to work well in both concrete and asphalt surfaces. With their strong holding power and corrosion-resistant properties, SHFK4 fixings provide a reliable solution for securing traffic safety products in place.

Road Spike 200 fixings are designed specifically for use with wheel stops and speed humps. These heavy-duty, spike-shaped anchors penetrate deep into asphalt surfaces, providing a secure and stable installation. Road Spike 200 fixings offer excellent resistance to lateral movement and are ideal for high-traffic areas where stability and durability are crucial.


Choosing the Right Fixings and Anchors
When selecting the appropriate fixings and anchors for your traffic safety products, consider the following factors:

Type of traffic safety product: Different products may require specific types of fixings or anchors to ensure optimal performance.
Surface type: The type of surface (e.g., concrete or asphalt) will determine the most suitable fixing or anchor to use.
Load capacity: Consider the weight and forces that the fixings and anchors will need to withstand, including vehicle traffic and environmental conditions.
Installation method: Some fixings and anchors may require specialized tools or equipment for proper installation.

Installation Tips and Best Practices
To ensure a secure and long-lasting installation, follow these best practices:

Clean the surface: Before installing fixings and anchors, ensure the surface is clean, dry, and free of debris to allow for proper bonding.
Use the right tools: Utilize the appropriate tools and equipment recommended for the specific fixing or anchor type.
Follow installation guidelines: Adhere to the manufacturer's installation instructions and recommendations for optimal performance.
Inspect regularly: Conduct periodic inspections to check for signs of wear, damage, or loosening, and replace or tighten fixings and anchors as needed.

Product Category Summary and Astrolift Benefits
Astrolift offers a comprehensive range of fixings and anchors designed to provide secure and reliable installation solutions for traffic safety products, including barriers, speed humps, and wheel stops. By choosing the right fixings and anchors for your specific application, you can ensure enhanced safety, long-lasting performance, and ease of installation.


Astrolift is dedicated to providing high-quality products, expert advice, and exceptional customer service to meet the needs of warehouse equipment suppliers in New Zealand. Our extensive range of fixings and anchors, combined with our expertise in traffic safety solutions, allows us to deliver tailored, cost-effective solutions that cater to the diverse requirements of our clients.

What are the main types of fixings and anchors offered by Astrolift?

Astrolift offers three main types of fixings: Wedge Anchors, SHFK4 Fixings, and Road Spike 200 Fixings.

Are adhesive products available for use with Astrolift

Yes, Astrolift stocks suitable adhesive products specifically designed for use with our traffic safety barrier range.

How do I choose the right fixing or anchor for my application?

Consider the type of traffic safety product you are using, the surface it will be installed on, and the required load capacity when selecting the appropriate fixing or anchor.

Can Astrolift

Yes, our fixings and anchors are designed to work effectively on a wide range of surfaces, including concrete, asphalt, and more.

Are Astrolift

Yes, our fixings and anchors are designed for ease of installation, with clear instructions and necessary tools provided where applicable.

How do I determine the correct quantity of fixings and anchors required for my project?

Consult the product specifications and guidelines for each specific traffic safety product to determine the recommended quantity of fixings and anchors.

What is the expected lifespan of Astrolift

The lifespan of our fixings and anchors will vary depending on the specific product and installation conditions, but they are designed to provide long-lasting, reliable performance.

Are Astrolift

Yes, our fixings and anchors are designed to cater to the needs of both commercial and industrial environments.

Can I purchase fixings and anchors separately from the traffic safety products?

Yes, Astrolift offers the option to purchase fixings and anchors individually or as part of a complete traffic safety solution.