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With the range of styles to choose from you may be wondering which is the most useful cage trolley for your situation.   Our experts can advise on the best option for your situation and needs.  There are various sizes, heights, capacities and finishes which all need to be addressed so that the correct cage trolley is chosen for your requirements.  There is the horizontal with roof, the nesting dual door, shelved trolley, stillage cage and Ergopod plastic cargo trolley to name some of them.


The dual door cage trolley with the integrated clipboard is ideal for keeping documents together and is easy to access if any information needs to be noted as you go along the way.  With the trolleys having a front opening you can always be standing in front of it and ready to access the contents of the trolley quickly. 


The nesting cage trolley is used in areas where space is limited as they can be folded away when not in use.  They have one full height door, and the other door has 2 half heights if only one part needs to be accessed.  The doors open fully back against the sides.  They are a heavy-duty cage trolley which makes them reliable for use in laundries, retail outlets, transport and logistics areas and any area where safe storage is paramount.


The split door cage trolley is horizontal and an excellent option for where there is a need to open one half while the other is kept securely closed.  The lift-latch makes the doors secure and easy to open and close.


The dual door small cage trolley has an open top so goods such as laundry can be loaded from the top and transported.  This small open top cage trolley is ideal for soft goods and boxes or soft furnishing stores where goods can be easily lifted out from the top.  Again, the swivel braked castors allow for easy wheeling without effort.  The dual door cage trolleys come in various capacity weights up to 500kg.


The Zinc plated cage trolley is an excellent option for large volumes of goods being transported.  The doors have the secure sliding bolt and there is a removable shelf that can be stored at the back of the trolley.  The heavy-duty castors and zinc plated finish make this cage trolley one of the most sturdy and at the same time being light and fast for wheeling around.


The split door cage trolley is ideal for order picking or stock management and delivery.  The split door can be dropped down so that higher items can be easily accessed.  There are numerous uses in the factory, warehouse, laundry or order picking areas for this split door cage trolley.


Two-sided nesting cage trolley is another space saving cage trolley.  With the open sides awkward items can be carried as they can be extended out within reason and then when not in use the trolley can be folded away.  The middle shelf can also be folded away when it is not required.  Another zinc plated cage trolley to weather the elements.


Ergopod plastic cargo trolley is suitable to use in clean areas such as commercial laundry use and order picking of hazardous material stock.  Where linen has been ironed or pressed the front canvas cover can be rolled down to protect the clean goods from getting soiled along the way.  These plastic cargo trolleys are also an excellent option for carting hazardous goods as they have a strong outer structure, and the smooth easy castors make wheeling these heavier items an easy task.


Astrolifts Half-height Stillage Cage is a zinc plated stillage cage with a capacity of 1000kg so is built for heavy duty use.  This half-height stillage cage can be used for clean items or in wet conditions so is ideal for any workplace or factory.  This cage can be folded down and then opened up from any side, therefore making it very versatile and it is highly durable.


Multi Purpose Cage Trolley is, as the name suggests, a great multi-purpose trolley for use in all areas including food safe areas.  Ideal for use in supermarkets, factories, shopping areas, airports, anywhere where stock or baggage needs to be shifted from point A to point B.  As with most of the cage trolleys, this multi-purpose cage trolley has the mesh sides keeping goods safe and it is another easy to wheel cage trolley saving strain and injury with no heavy lifting or pushing required.


To summarise all and any of these cage trolleys have many many uses. They are used in supermarkets, retail shops, airports, consignment shipping areas, factories, warehouses, in the hospitality industry including hospital laundry areas, dry-cleaning and launderette businesses.  They are useful for transporting good internally in the warehouse or retail area for filling shelves, unloading containers and carting goods in to put on shelves, order picking, stock handling.   Even handy in hotels and motels.   This range of cage trolleys on wheels or castors are handy tools for any business or enterprise where stock is being moved around, in and out and up and down.


The cage trolleys come flat packed with full instructions on how to easily assemble them.  When loading or stacking the cage trolleys care should be taken to ensure the load is even and no sharp items are protruding out the sides of the mesh or with the open sided cage trolleys the worker needs to ensure the protruding load will not be caught on any items that may be on the sides of the walkway that may cause the load or trolley to tip or be a cause of injury to the person driving the trolley.

What is the Purpose of a Cage Trolley?

Cage Trolleys help your employees quickly and efficiently move goods around with this versatile rolling cage trolley. The open cage design allows workers to access the cargo from both sides, allowing for more careful load placement and hassle-free retrieval. Dependable castor wheels make the trolley a breeze to manoeuvre, minimising the risks of collision or accidents. Perfectly suitable for use in busy warehouses as its sturdy, powerful cage frame can handle weights of up to half a ton.

Where are Cage Trolleys used?

You can use this cage trolley to safely and efficiently handle goods in a wide variety of retail, commercial, and industrial environments. This tough, yet incredibly mobile unit allows for efficient transfer of goods in stockrooms and distribution centres. Help your staff quickly pick and load or unload items to reduce customer wait times in pick up and order points. Easy to pressure wash or steam clean, this trolley is perfect for use in healthcare, food, or other industries requiring the highest standards of hygiene.

Who businesses industries use Cage Trolleys?

The two panel unit enables flexible access to the container contents to enhance productivity. This model is more practical for transporting small items that are less likely to topple off. The cage trolley is available with load retention straps for enhanced support when securely transporting goods.