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The Gas Cylinder Storage Cage is a heavy duty gas bottle cage which complies with all New Zealand Standards.  This cylinder storage cage can take a weight up to 750kg and is designed especially to carry gas bottles and cylinders.  The cage is fitted with 4 crane lift eyes and forklift pockets for easy lift and transporting.


The Goods Crane Cage has a one tonne capacity and can also be attached to a forklift or crane.  Loose or palletised goods can be transported in this goods crane cage and the crane lugs at the bottom corners allow the cage to be stacked and they can be stacked three high when they are empty or two high when full.  A safe and secure way to cart sensitive, dangerous or fragile goods on pallets.


The Stillage Cage is fully collapsible making it very convenient and space-saving when not in use.  This stillage cage is designed to handle the tough New Zealand conditions.  There are 2 models available giving a larger size where needed.  They have a drop front so goods can simply be loaded or unloaded and they are designed to keep specific goods separated from other items, either in the warehouse or during transportation.


To summarise

Stillage cages and storage cages that are stackable, collapsible, strong and space saving are a must for any industry where goods need to be stored in a safe manner.  Many industries will greatly benefit from these space saving and secure cages where gas bottles or any flammable goods are required to undertake their duties.  Mining companies, engineering, science and machine shops, camping stores, heating, fuelling, gas suppliers, warehouses, contractors, and other industries and situations where multiple gas or petroleum bottles and cylinders are being used and transported, all should consider the advantages and safety of the storage and stillage cages.  The stillage cages particularly, are essential for storage and carting sensitive or loose items that may be easily damaged during transport.


Proper Stillage Cage Care

These storage cages, pallet cages or stillage cages are very easy to keep clean as they are strong steel and the dust and dirt does not easily accumulate on them, making the cages very low maintenance with very few parts that need regular attention.  With trained staff and workers loading and unloading, lifting and shifting these storage, pallet and stillage cages, there should be very little concern for damage or misappropriate use, therefore giving the company many years of constant peace of mind and trouble free operation, storage and shifting of goods that are of a sensitive nature.

What is a Stillage?

Essentially, a stillage is a type of metal pallet or cage for holding stored goods off the ground. It has a cage or sides around it, offering a form of support so that the contents of the stillage can't slip out, and the weight is stored safely for both you and the materials involved. Typically, that form of support is customised according to what you need to carry.

What kind of Stillages are there?

A stillage looks more like a large metal box can be used as a bin or recycling unit. In the case of industrial waste, it means minimal interaction between workers and the contents of the bin. Similarly, stillages can be used to store casks or kegs of beer. In this case, they're simply upright metal racks. Not all stillages have to have complicated designs to be effective. These are just some of the most commonly used types of stillage. Numerous other industry-specific kinds can also be produced, such as ones for transporting scaffolding, or even simply moving many parcels safely.

Why use a Stillage Cage?

Stillages are a very flexible way of transporting goods. It's possible to adapt the pallet to work with many different needs within your warehouse. Stillages are also a very safe way of transporting goods without needing to load or unload them at regular intervals. That means saved time for your business, and a much safer working environment for your employees. Usually, stillages are stacked up on top of each other so that they use up less space than other forms of container. It's a good way of ensuring minimal risk of damage to the contents of the stillage, and without any risk of spillage disrupting your working environment. Overall, this means that the time taken to load and unload your products is reduced.

Can steel stillages be placed on racking?

They can be placed on drive-in pallet racks, although this is not advisable due to possible local deformation of the rails. They are not suitable for use in push-back or Pallet Shuttle systems, or in live rack units. Nor are they valid for use in automated warehouses.