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Forklift Bulk Bag Lifter with hooks can lift up to 2000kgs safely.  This jib attachment is specially designed for lifting bulk bags as it attaches at the corners making an even lift when attached to the forklift.  The four hooks prevent the bag from folding in or bunching up as the bag is emptied.

Carriage Mount Bulk Bag Prongs is a forklift bag lifter attachment that can be attached to the forks without the forklift operator leaving their seat.  These prongs replace the forks making the lift easy for bag handling.  Just push the prongs through the loops on each corner of the bag and this makes it easy to lift the bags higher than if they were put on the forks of the forklift.


Adjustable Jib Hooks come in various styles with single hooks or dual hooks and the adjustable jib hook has a towball.  This slip-on attachment is held to the forklift by a safety chain.  These adjustable jib hooks have heavy duty swivel hooks and adjustable lifting point positions and can be manoeuvred in confined spaces.


Roll Rotator Forklift Attachments has a 360 degree rotation for lifting and rotating rolls, then the roll can be strapped to the cradle with ratchet straps then lifted and rotated sideways with the manually turned crank wheel.


Forklift Attachment Overview

The range of adjustable, rotating, pronged or hooked forklift attachments can turn your forklift into a small crane or hoist for lifting those odd shaped items in the factory, warehouse or on the farm shifting bales and other difficultly shaped items that are heavy and awkward to shift.  Paper rolls are heavy, drums are slippery, carpet rolls are long and bendy and other products that do not have even shapes can be carried with one of the most suitable forklift attachments from Astrolift.


Proper Care of your Forklift Attachments

Forklift attachments are a safe materials handling tool for drivers when proper training and sensible use is adhered to.  Make sure the prongs, hooks and tipping devices are kept free of rust and dirt to enhance the life of the equipment.  Always take care when moving around areas where people are walking and do not drive at speed with prongs attached as serious injury could occur if people or goods are run into.  Always inspect the attachments to make sure they are fit for the purpose they are being used for and the operators are experienced and trained in their proper use.

What are the safety requirements when using a Forklift Attachment?

It is important to note that when you use an attachment on a forklift, the load capacity will be reduced and the center of gravity of the forklift will be affected, making it less stable than it would be without the attachment. This is because you are putting weight in front of the fulcrum point (the point or support on which a lever pivots) of the forklift prior to picking up your load. It is therefore necessary to drive the forklift as if it were partially loaded, even prior to picking up the load. For this reason it is advisable when working with any attachment to travel at a slow speed and make turns slowly and gently. The attachment you are fitting should be listed on the data plate giving you the capacity of the truck. It is extremely important that prior to fitting any attachment you must ensure that you are given the training required to enable you to be competent in the fitting, operating and removal of the attachment. The following checks must be made before using an attachment on a forklift: The attachment must suit the truck you are fitting it to, and must be suitable for the type of load you are lifting It must be properly attached to the forklift with a suitable locking device The data plate on the truck must allow for the use of the attachment

What are the things to consider before using a Forklift Attachment?

When considering the purchase of the next forklift attachments, we recommend the following questions: 1. What is the weight of the load to be lifted? 2. How high does the load need to be lifted? 3. What is the material you are lifting? 4. Is the attachment to be permanent of temporary? 5. Does the operator need to be trained? 6. Does this attachment break any local health and safety laws/requirements?

What is a Jiib Fork Attachment?

Forklift jib attachments are a common type of attachment for forklift trucks and are designed to slide and secure easily onto forklift tines. Used to lift and transport heavy, awkward and long loads with ease and accuracy, forklift jibs are frequently used in factories, warehouses, construction sites and workshops.