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Work platforms are essential tools in various industries, providing a safe and stable surface for workers to perform tasks at height. They are designed to increase safety, productivity, and efficiency in the workplace by allowing easy access to elevated areas, minimizing the risk of falls, and offering a secure working environment. This comprehensive guide will delve into different types of work platforms, their features, safety guidelines, maintenance, and much more.


Types of Work Platforms

Astrolift offers a diverse range of work platforms to cater to various industries and applications. These include:

Elevating Work Platforms: These platforms provide a stable and secure surface for workers to access elevated areas, with options for electric or manual lifts. They are ideal for tasks requiring precise positioning and are commonly used in construction, maintenance, and warehousing.

Height Adjustable Work Platforms: With the ability to adjust the platform's height, these work platforms offer flexibility for various tasks and environments. They are well-suited for jobs requiring frequent height adjustments and can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Maintenance Work Platforms: Designed specifically for maintenance tasks, these platforms provide easy access to hard-to-reach areas while ensuring worker safety. They are ideal for use in industries such as aviation, manufacturing, and facility management.

Cantilever Work Platforms: These platforms extend beyond their base, providing additional reach for tasks where a traditional platform may not be suitable. They are often used for accessing overhangs, ledges, and other challenging areas.

When selecting a work platform, consider factors such as:

1. Required height: Determine the maximum height needed for your tasks.
2. Load capacity: Consider the weight of workers, tools, and materials the platform must support.
3. Workspace constraints: Choose a platform that fits within your workspace, taking into account factors like maneuverability and storage requirements.
4. Power source: Decide whether you need an electric lift and drive or manual drive and electric lift.
5. Customization options: Look for platforms that can be tailored to suit your specific requirements.
Safety Guidelines for Work Platform Use

To ensure the safe operation of work platforms, follow these guidelines:

1. Always comply with NZ standards and relevant regulations.
2. Ensure workers are properly trained and certified in work platform operation.
3. Conduct regular inspections and maintenance of the platform.
4. Use appropriate fall protection equipment when working at height.
5. Do not exceed the platform's load capacity.
6. Follow the manufacturer's guidelines for safe operation.
7. Maintenance and Inspection of Work Platforms


Remember to prioritize safety, adhere to NZ standards, and choose a reputable supplier like Astrolift to ensure the best results for your workplace.

What are the different types of work platforms available?

Astrolift offers Elevating Work Platforms, Height Adjustable Work Platforms, Maintenance Work Platforms, and Cantilever Work Platforms.

What are the different types of work platforms available?

Astrolift offers Elevating Work Platforms, Height Adjustable Work Platforms, Maintenance Work Platforms, and Cantilever Work Platforms.

Do Astrolift

Yes, Astrolift's Bravi elevating work platforms comply with the relevant NZ standards, ensuring workplace safety.

Are Bravi work platforms electric or manual?

Bravi machines are available with electric lift and drive or manual drive and electric lift, catering to various workplace needs.

What are the advantages of using work platforms?

Work platforms provide increased safety, efficiency, and productivity when working at heights.

Can work platforms be customized to suit specific requirements?

Yes, work platforms can be customized to meet specific requirements, ensuring they meet your workplace needs.

Are work platforms easy to maneuver?

Yes, Astrolift's work platforms are designed for easy maneuverability, making them suitable for a variety of work environments.

How do I choose the right work platform for my needs?

Consider factors such as the required height, load capacity, and workspace constraints to determine the right work platform for your needs.

Are work platforms suitable for indoor and outdoor use?

Yes, work platforms can be used both indoors and outdoors, depending on the specific model and application.