L-Bar Sealer Semi-Auto Astrolift

A step up from the hood sealer, this L-bar sealer only seals, leaving the shrink wrapping for a sperate heat tunnel. This allows for a higher throughput since the sealer does not have to wait until the shrink cycle is finished to move onto the next item. The operator manually inserts product into the shrink wrap on the table, then moves the packet under the L-bar to seal. 




  • Delivery: Some Assembly Required
  • Finish: Powder-coated
  • PTFE-coated sealing blade on sealing bar
  • Control system equipped with
    • Operator interface with full-colour touch screen display
    • Power and control consisting of 
      • Inverters for each motor
      • In/out control modules with 16 digital inputs/outputs
      • Analogue input control modules
  • Is able to check all operations such as:
    • Automatic checking of transversal bar height
    • Dual sealing temperature adjustment
    • Possibility of packaging individual packs or groups of products
    • Electronically controlled conveyor belt speed
    • Instantaneous production
  • The system also provides process statistics such as:
    • Piece counter
    • Pack length detection
    • Real-time output
    • Machine performance 
  • Low power consumption


CE Certified


  • 1 Year Warranty


  • Compatible Heat Tunnels:
    · For PWL-SMI-002: PWT-SMI-001 and PWT-SMI-002
    · For PWL-SMI-004: PWT-SMI-005 and PWT-SMI-006

Models (2)

Sealing Bar (mm) 560 x 430 870 x 620
Product Height (Max) (mm) 230 300
Packs Per Hour (#) 1500 900
Length (mm) 2010 3050
Width (mm) 790 1055
Height (mm) 1050 1125
Weight (kg) 148 247
Power Consumption (W) 2500 3100
Conveyor Speed (m/min) 19 19
Power Supply (Phase) Single Phase Single Phase