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Disabled Zone Wheel Stop | Pro Stop

Designated Park Wheel Stop

  • Directs Drivers to Designated Disabled Car Parks
  • Heavy Duty Plastic Wheel Stops are More Durable and Longer Lasting than Rubber Stops
  • 3 Year Warranty
Disabled Car Park Wheel Stop
Disabled Zone Wheel Stop - Pro Stop
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Wheel Stops for Disabled Car Parks

Astrolift's quality Pro Stop Wheel Stop now also comes with Disabled Car Park Blue Chevrons, which clearly show drivers which car park spots are designated for disability-marked cars. This not only allows for better car park traffic management, but also is a welcomed consideration to disabled drivers who are a struggling to find the correct spot.


What are the Benefits of Designated Disabled Park Wheel Stops

Made from 100% Recycled, Reinforced Plastic, our wheel stops will not crack, warp or crumble like rubber wheel stops. These wheel stops will conform to road surface irregularities and have a heavy duty car stop capacity. Hi-Vis, blue chevrons create a visual warning, as well as providing a non-slip wheel stop surface.

Features & Benefits

  • Holds Form and Straightness
  • Super Strong

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