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Rubber Cycleway Delineator
Rubber Lane Divider Vehicle Safety
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Cycle and Pedestrian Lane Separator

Heavy Duty Cycleway Delineators are ideal for safely separating bikes and cycle lanes from vehicle zones. Also used as a pedestrian lane divider, our delineators are made from heavy-duty, reinforced rubber. 


Cycle Lane Delineator Best Uses and Advantages

These Cycleway Delineators have a high profile for a heavy impact on the driver and vehicle, but is still able to be crossed by emergency vehicles or other required vehicle access. Our Bike Lane Dividers are built for New Zealand roads and are long lasting and will hold it's vibrant yellow colour much longer than other delineators. White, non-slip chevrons for added driver visibility and control if a driver does come into contact with these delineators.

Features & Benefits

  • Reflective Chevrons
  • 3 Fixing points

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