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Portable Speed Hump
Roll Out Temporary Speed Hump
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Portable Roll Out Plastic Speed Hump

Astrolift's high-strength, Portable Speed Humps are ideal if you want to temporarily reduce vehicle traffic. These Portable Speed Humps have a bright safety yellow finish for visibility, as well as quality joint mechanisms. As an additional safety feature, our portable speed humps are installed with Reflective Panels for visibility in rain or night conditions.


How to use a Portable Speed Hump

Manufactured with High Strength plastic, the portable speed bump can be carried easily to site via the convenient carry bag and can be deployed quickly by simply placing on the ground and allowing it to roll out.

Our Roll Up Speed Hump is built for convenient, temporary speed control of cars and light trucks (e.g. Delivery Vans) and is designed to Slow Traffic down to a max of 40km/hr. The waffle-style rubber underlay ensures the maximum adhesion to the road surfaces as cars are driven over it, even multiple times. Designed for safer and better managed traffic on roads, loading areas and driveways.


Easy and Fast Speed Hump Installation / Deployment

Simply remove the portable speed bump from it's convenient canvas carrying case. Place on the ground and roll it out in the desired location. You can then use the built-in handle to adjust or move it to a new location nearby. There is NO epoxy, adhesive, painting, or drying time required of any sort.


Temporary, Portable Speed Hump Solution

Astrolift's Portable Speed Bump rolls tightly on itself and fits easily in the provided carry case. This means a single person can carry the speed hump and lay it down wherever it is required. The speed hump comes equipped with a heavy duty handle at one end, so that the user can easily adjust or move as needed.

Features & Benefits

  • Can be joined
  • Rubber base for anti slip

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