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Buy Safety Road Cone Orange in Road Cones and Temporary Barriers from Astrolift NZ
Road Cone 710mm High
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Traffic Road Cones - 710mm 

Astrolift supplies quality manufactured Road Cones, ideal for New Zealand Business use. Made from High-Density PVC + Elastomer materials, our Traffic Safety Cones are bright orange, come with 3M Reflective Strips for high visibility and are built tough for New Zealand weather and use.

These PVC Traffic Cones are sourced using top-grade PVC, utilising a patented injection molding process which uniquely strengthens the mold for a longer lasting product.


Astrolift Road Cone Key Benefits and Uses

The Road Cone's high visibility fluorescent orange color is saturated through the entire material, unlike other products which simply plate the material with the colour. This means our Safety Cones have a higher degree of UV resistance and won't fade as fast as cheap Road Cones.

The square base is made from black, solid PVC materials. The design of this Road Cone includes supporting cavities inside the cone to provide a stronger foundation. This means our cones can withstand repeated blows and still reform to it's original shape.


Traffic Safety Cones with 3M Reflective Panels for High Visibility

Our Road Cones have the added benefit of the inclusion of 3M Reflective Collars, the highest quality supplier of High-Visibility and Adhesion Strips. These Reflective Panels won't wear down or fade like cheaper Traffic Cones, and have a dramatically higher reflective visual-warning impact.

Features & Benefits

  • Stong Rubber Base
  • Reflective

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