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3 Types of Roll Handling Equipment

  • Published: October 30, 2019

  • Updated: July 16, 2020

Whether it’s paper, vinyls or fabrics - large rolls of materials are heavy and difficult to move.

Trying to manipulate these manually can be physically strenuous, so we have several roll handling options to help keep you safe from injury. Let’s have a look at the three primary types of roll handling equipment.

1. Roll Trolleys

Roll Trolleys are similar to how a pallet truck works. For large rolls that are lying horizontally on the floor, the forks on the roll trolley go either side of the roll and lift it up enough from the ground for easy transportation.

2. Electric Roll Lifters

Electric roll lifters allow you to lift rolls higher, and some models can also rotate the roll from horizontal to vertical. The have three different methods for lifting the roll:

  • Fixed Pin
    The large horizontal pin is inserted into the roll’s core to lift it. The roll stays in the horizontal position at all times.
  • Core Grip
    This model also has a pin that you insert into the roll’s core, however, this pin has the ability to expand and grip onto the core which allows it to rotate the roll between vertical and horizontal positions.
  • Roll Clamp
    Instead of a pin, this unit has a clamp-like pincer which securely grabs the roll around the outside to lift and rotate it.

3. Forklift-mounted Roll Lifter

Thirdly we have an option for if you’re needing to move rolls around via forklift. This model has a strap and ratchet to hold the roll securely in place for lifting, and has a side winch for rotating the roll forwards.

Getting on a Roll

Injuries can occur when you’re trying to man-handle heavy and awkward objects, which also negatively impacts your ability to be efficient. Roll handling equipment can help provide you the safety and efficiency you need.