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The Future of NZ Warehouse Management

  • Published: May 17, 2021

  • Updated: September 20, 2022

Customer Behaviour Trends and how Warehouse Management delivery times will play a large part in the final user experience.

How many times have you purchased something online (especially for a vital business function) and have been left disappointed by slow delivery times and bad communication?

The problem (and MASSIVE opportunity) with human behaviour, is that once we get used to a certain level of convenience, we then will demand that quality moving forward.

So how can Warehouse Management proficiency give your business a major competitive advantage?

Below we have broken down some key consumer trends and expectations, and how you can strengthen your delivery efficiency in order to deliver the best service - and increase sales AND grow your brand reputation!


So how do I speed up product delivery times and create a more efficient warehouse outward goods process?

Effective and Clear Logistics Processes

Understand who your customers are, what their expectations are around delivery times and research what the competition is up to. Even try ordering an item from each competitor you have, as to understand their customer service and delivery performance.

Set strategic plans to best cater for your customers, thinking of the entire process as a marketing exercise - one that will provide you with a competitive advantage, just like a fancy website or creative advertising. 

Don't ever discount the value of delivering a great customer experience. This is everyone's responsibility.

Time-Saving Warehouse Equipment and Machines

Here are 3 key pieces of warehouse equipment which can drastically speed up your delivery times, creating smoother outward goods processes at the same time:

1. Hand-Held Strapping Machines

Anyone who has worked in a warehouse has needed to contend with using a manual strapping system. Aside from adding a timely and difficult process into the delivery of goods, the materials and time wasted is just slowing you down.

These automatic, hand strapping machines can go anywhere and can quickly get the job done wherever the task is situated. No need to bring the goods to the strapping area enables multiple jobs to be completed simultaneously, vs being placed in a work-line.

View our Hand held strapping machines

2. Container Ramps for Forklifts

This is an easy one, as well as being a very cheap option considering the benefit.

Manually loading and unloading containers is an awful experience for everyone. Typically scenarios like this can arise when you may have unexpected orders or have lost warehouse space. Having containers temporarily outside can create access issues for your forklifts - and this results in an "All hands on deck" scenario... effectively bringing your entire business to a halt while the team unloads/loads the container.

Even if you don't have containers sitting around during your day to day, having a couple on hand can be hugely beneficial if unexpected stock issues arise. 

Remember, you are only as good as your last order in your customers' eyes - and they don't care that you are experiencing a temporary hick-up, they just see their packages being delayed.

View our Container Ramps and Shelters

3. Automatic Pallet Wrappers

Best utilised for any NZ business sending out larger orders, often.

Not only do these machines speed up the wrapping process, they also provide the following benefits:

  • Products are received by customers with the same quality, tight and secure wrapping. No damaged products, no delays in sending additional goods as replacement - as well as the HUGE amount of time spent in accounts resolving these issues.
  • Save your staff's backs! Hand wrappers require staff to bend over, as they walk backwards around the pallet. Walking backwards within warehouses is not only an accident waiting to happen, they also cause some very broken backs, ACC claims and time off recovering.
  • Save money and wasted shrink wrap - Tighter wraps, stretching over the goods secure the load and use much less plastic film compared to hand wrapping.

View all our Pallet Wrappers and Stretch Wrappers

Removing speedbumps to your delivery process will enable you to deliver goods faster than your competition. This is a major business advantage.