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Container Ramp Buying Guide: What To Look For When Purchasing

  • Published: February 27, 2023

  • Updated: February 27, 2023

Loading heavy items or pallets into containers can be a heavy and difficult job if the right equipment is not purchased and used for the job.  A range of container ramps are available to assist with this operation and there will be specific ramps that suit specific loading jobs.  

Forklifts, pallet trucks and various types of trolleys are usually the lifting devices used to take goods up into the containers so container ramps are required to complete this operation.  The load weight needs to be checked so that the correct ramp is used.  If the load is being taken into the container with a forklift, then the heavier duty container ramps need to be purchased.  On the other hand, when the load is being wheeled into the container on a trolley or lighter weight transport, there is not the need for such a heavy duty ramp.

Some of the refrigerator containers have a higher level  of entry from the ground, therefore requiring the heavier ramp, some of which can take up to 8 tonnes in weight.  The steel container ramps are the most suited to take the weight of forklifts with pallets being driven into the containers and there are a range of suitable ramps of this type of loading.  The heavy duty steel ramps are especially suited for our weather conditions as they have a powder coated finish which makes them very durable and long lasting in adverse weather conditions.  

When buying these container ramps all aspects of the job need to be taken into consideration, such as the weights being transferred and whether there are pallets being taken into the containers or just smaller items which can be pushed into the containers on a smaller pallet truck or hand truck.  The gradient of the ramp also makes a difference to the type of ramp that needs to be purchased and used for the transfer of goods.  Sometimes a longer ramp is more suitable so that the gradient is less steep and more able to take the strain, rather than a shorter steeper ramp which makes it more difficult to drive up, especially with a forklift.  

These container ramps can be placed side by side if a wider area is needed for entry into the container where a single ramp would not be sufficient to take the full width of the forklift, pallet truck or vehicle carrying the goods into the container.

Always look for a container ramp that is the most suitable for your own particular circumstance as every situation differs and nobody wants a ramp that is going to give way under the strain of the load being lifted into the container.

Some of the ramps have a platform which gives them extra strength when they are being driven over with heavy vehicles and a thick chequer plate finish which gives more grip on the wheels of the vehicle or truck driving over the ramp.

Always ensure the ramp is placed securely on the ground with the other end of the ramp flat on the entrance of the container so that when the vehicle loading and unloading the goods is entering or exiting the container there is a smooth run in or out as a bump or uneven step up or down can cause the load to be tipped or even displaced from the vehicle that is carrying it.

When goods are being loaded up kerbs or up steps the pallet truck ramp is the ideal solution as they are designed to load up heights up to 175mm and have a suitable width for most pallet trucks.  Being longer with a more gradual slope makes them easier to wheel in and out.  They are very simple to use as they are just rested on the entrance to the container and can be lifted away when the job has been completed and container loaded.

The reflective kerb ramps are also an ideal ramp for loading and unloading containers.  They can either be placed at each side of the entrance to the container or fitted together and run along the entire width of the container so that the vehicle can be driven at any position into the container without the worry of the wheels of the truck or forklift running off the edge of the ramp.  These rubber kerb ramps can take weights of up to 20 tonnes so are suitable for any type of vehicle or forklift that may be transporting the goods in and out of the container.  There are various heights in these rubber reflective ramps so the correct height can be chosen depending on the size required for the container.  They are easy to move around and can be just placed at the entrance and removed when not in use.  These ramps can also be fixed to concrete or asphalt if that is required for a more permanent operation.  They have an anti-slip surface which makes them easier for vehicle or pallet truck wheels to wheel over.  Quick and easy to place down beside the container entrance so making the operation hassle free.

It can often be hard to load items where there is a low ground clearance so the selection of these ramps makes it simple to choose the right ramp for your particular situation.  No one wants to face the difficult job of having to lift items up into the container, even with a small step as with the heavy items going into the container, this can be a mission to accomplish and take a lot of extra time for the loading and unloading operation.  Most of these ramps can be placed by a single operator so there doesn’t need to be extra people on hand to lift ramps on and off the containers before and after the load is complete.

The certified ramps are supplied in various types and the supplier will have all information required to supply to their customers so if you are looking to purchase a ramp for a specific operation just ask your supplier and they will be able to advise on the best ramp for your situation.

The purchaser needs to take into account their own requirement and get the best ramp for the loading and unloading of their goods to and from the containers.  Sometimes the short steeper ramps are more suited to lighter weights being pushed in and out on trolleys or hand trucks so these can just be placed and taken away when not in use.

It is important to note the particular height of the container that the goods are being wheeled into so that the correct ramp is chosen for the job.  All the container ramps have an angle on the end so there is a smooth transition for the wheels of the loading vehicle to roll onto without causing damage to the goods being loaded or unloaded.

For the safety of all staff and workers or truck drivers, it is advisable, when using the longer steel or aluminum ramps, not to have people walking up the ramps when the forklifts or pallet trucks are being used to transport the pallets or goods up or down the ramps.  This is just a common sense safety guide but not always adhered to when people are working around the area and needing to go into the containers for some reason.

The refrigerated container ramps have extra flaps on the sides so they can be used on containers with varying floor heights.  Our professional team members are all clued up in the use of these ramps so will be able to advise their clients of the most suitable ramp for their application and use.

The gradient needs to be taken into account so that the most suitable ramp is purchased for the loading and unloading that will be undertaken.  All ramps are certified and made available for various types of vehicles and trucks so there will always be a ramp that is most suited to your own situation.

Purchase your container ramp from the experts as they know their job and will be able to advise you on the best ramp to purchase for your container loading and unloading.  A small plastic ramp is obviously not going to work with forklifts and a heavy duty rubber or steel ramp will be an overkill for small items being lifted in and out so some degree of common sense will always be needed when the customer is making the purchase.

Why are ramps such an important item to have on hand when you are dealing with placing items in containers?  The health and safety of workers and employees is very important and these small details can make a lot of difference to how the job is done without injury or harm to any personnel.   So ask the experts for advice on the most suitable container ramp for your own situation and they will make the purchase quick and straightforward for you to have a seamless loading operation.

Contact our expert team today to assist and guide you with your needs.