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The 5 Things to Consider When Buying a Work Platform

  • Published: June 28, 2023

  • Updated: June 29, 2023

A work platform is a structure that provides a sturdy foundation for staff members performing jobs at elevated heights. Work platforms, sometimes known as scaffolds or staging, are extensively used in construction, maintenance, painting, and electrical work. Work platforms come in a variety of sizes and shapes, ranging from small transportable units to enormous fixed constructions. Work platforms are vital for ensuring worker safety while doing activities and can enhance efficiency by offering easy access to difficult-to-reach places.

If you operate in a field that demands you to work at heights, such as building, maintenance, or painting, you must have a dependable work platform. However, with so many alternatives available, determining which one is the greatest fit for your needs can be difficult. In this blog post, we'll look at the five factors to consider before purchasing a work platform.

The type of work you will be doing

When choosing a work platform, the first consideration is the type of work you will be doing. If you're going to be working on the outside of a building, you'll need a platform that can hold your tools and equipment and survive various weather conditions. An insulated platform is required if you will be working on electricity lines or other places with live wires. Knowing what kind of work you'll be performing will help you choose the best work platform for the project.

Each sort of work platform has distinct characteristics and capabilities that make it appropriate for a variety of tasks and businesses. Here are some examples:

  • Elevating Work Platforms are used to safely reach high places. These platforms are available in a range of sizes and can run on electricity, gas or fuel. They are perfect for building maintenance, electrical work, and construction. 
  • Height Adjustable Work Platforms can be adapted to different heights. They are frequently used for jobs including painting, cleaning, and maintenance. These platforms are perfect for areas with limited space and personnel who need to work at various heights.
  • Maintenance Work Platforms are intended for industrial maintenance jobs like welding, painting, and repair. These platforms are strong and can withstand big weights.
  • Cantilever Work Platforms are designed to reach areas that are difficult to access.

The height you need to reach

Choosing the correct work platform that can reach the required height is critical for assuring job safety and efficiency. Whether you're working inside or outside, on a building site or in a warehouse, you'll need a platform that can securely reach the required height.
Consider the platform's maximum height limit while choosing a work platform. 

This is usually defined by the number of tiers available on the platform. Consider an elevating work platform or a height-adjustable platform if you need to reach higher heights. Because these platforms may be extended or changed to reach greater heights, they are suitable for jobs that demand flexibility and agility.
It's crucial to remember that when operating at higher altitudes, safety is much more critical. Select a platform with adequate safety measures, such as guardrails, non-slip surfaces, and secure locking mechanisms.

The portability and storage options

When it comes to transportation and storage, you should evaluate the work platform's size and weight, as well as the simplicity of carrying it from one working site to another. If your job demands you to move from one area to another frequently, you'll need a work platform that is lightweight and portable.

Choose a platform that can be folded or disassembled for transportation. These platforms are great for workers who must regularly relocate from one job location to another. They can be stored in a little amount of space, making them simple to travel and store.

If you require a platform for a more permanent job site, you must consider storage choices. Some work platforms require a lot of storage space, which can be a problem if you have a small office. Consider the platform's size as well as where it will be stored when not in use.

Another factor to consider is the ease with which the platform may be moved about your job site. Some platforms have wheels or casters that allow them to be easily moved from one location to another. Others may necessitate the use of additional equipment or labour to move, which might be difficult if you're working alone.

Finally, when it comes to selecting a work platform that matches your demands, finding the perfect combination of convenience and usefulness is critical. By considering these aspects, you may select a work platform that will make your job safer and more efficient.

The weight capacity of the platform

Another important factor to consider is the platform's weight capacity. You must understand how much weight the platform can support, including your weight, the weight of any tools or materials you will be using, and the weight of any other employees who will be on the platform. It is unsafe to exceed the platform's weight limit, so it is critical to select a platform with a weight capacity that satisfies your requirements.

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