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Electric Tugs and Dumpers

  • Published: October 30, 2019

  • Updated: September 26, 2022

Moving Heavy Loads Safely and Efficiently

The power and versatility of electric tugs, carriers and dumpers make them ideal for many industries including Aviation, Food and Pharmaceutical, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Retail and Distribution, Waste handling and Construction.

Versatile Movers

These machines are typically comprised of three main components: the base, the drawbar (optional), and the coupling. Here at Astrolift, we custom-manufacture coupling attachments to fit any type of load. Our machines also have a wide range of attachments and extras available ranging from component upgrades to remote controls.

Tugs, Carriers & Dumpers

Electric tugs, carriers and dumpers are battery-powered, pedestrian-operated or ride-on machines built to move heavy loads on wheels and rails. We supply a wide range of models that can move single loads or multiple loads in a train formation including models capable of shifting up to 14 tons.

  • Pushing/Pulling loads of up to 14,000kg.
  • Moving long trains of trolleys or carts.
  • Moving loads up/down inclines of up to 30%.
  • Safe and simple to use.
  • Reduce physical strain and risk of injury.

With these machines, shifting heavy loads is easily accomplished by one operator, saving time, energy and the physical stress of moving loads by hand.


From the terminals to the hangars, airports are always on the move. Electric tugs suit a wide range of applications in these areas making these tasks faster and safer for operators. Tugs work well pulling individual loads, towing a train of trailers or pushing a long line of trolleys - we can customise coupling brackets to fit any size and shape trolley.

Most walk-behind models are available with remote control, allowing the operator to drive the tug by remote while steering the opposite end of a long load. Ride-on models work well where loads are moved long distances reducing operator fatigue. Mild inclines are no issue for these tugs, making them an efficient way to move loads around the airport.

  • Pulling cargo and luggage trolleys around the tarmac between loading and processing areas.
  • Shifting trains of waste bins.
  • Moving access ladders, scaffolds and platforms into place for aircraft maintenance.
  • Wheeling helicopters and small aircraft in and out of hangers.
  • Pulling lines of trolleys (single operator using a remote control).
  • Delivering supplies to restaurants and duty-free shops.

Food and Pharmaceutical

Walk-behind electric tugs are available in stainless finishes. These units have minimal joins and are fully enclosed for maintaining a hygienic environment. Powered tugs are ideal for moving around trolleys with ingredients, raw materials, and finished products or transporting heavy items such as mixing containers and vats.

Tugs can also be used to push lines of product within a rail system or trains of bins can be linked up and pulled by a electric tug. They can move over mild inclines so can be a very efficient way to move waste around and keep the facilities clean. Vacuum suction cups couplings can be used to attach to stainless ingredient bins, vats, and drums to make attachment and release a simple matter. Electric tugs can also help with distribution helping get trains of multi-platform trolleys laden with ingredients or produce into stores or a buyer’s warehouse.


Hospitals are non-stop bustling, so improving staff efficiency when moving loads and trolleys can make for big savings. Tugs are an ideal tool for moving single or multiple trolleys quickly around hospital corridors, and they’re also capable of moving loads up mild inclines. Moving hospital beds alone is a tremendous physical strain. Here our bed-mover tug drastically improves control and speed while making life easier for hospital staff.

  • Shifting beds occupied by patients.
  • Moving boxes of supplies from loading bays to storage areas or wards.
  • Transporting large, heavy laundry trolleys in tandem.
  • Food deliveries.
  • Moving waste trolleys and bins.

Food and Pharmaceutical

With the strict operating standards in food and pharmaceutical plants, electric tugs provide safe and efficient methods for transporting goods. For areas requiring strict hygiene, many of our models are available in stainless steel options featuring minimal joints and fully-enclosed casings for maintaining a hygienic environment. All of our Movexx tugs also come with an IP 44 Ingress Protection rating, limiting intrusion by liquids and dust. 

Tugs work well for pulling and pushing trolleys and bins, and also moving loads along rail systems. Being capable of travelling up mild inclines enables them to transport loads over most plant floors without issue. Vacuum suction cup attachments are available for connecting to stainless ingredient bins, vats and drums.

  • Stainless steel models available for corrosive or cleanroom environments.
  • Moving raw materials or finished product.
  • Transporting heavy items such as mixing containers and vats.
  • Pushing/pulling lines of product in a rail system or linked-up trolleys.
  • Vacuum suction cup attachments for connecting to stainless steel objects.
  • Moving waste bins.

Manufacturing and Heavy Industry

Manufacturing plants operate like well-oiled machines, and electric tugs help provide extra versatility and efficiency to that system. Whether parts trolleys need to be moved around for order-picking or a 14-ton load needs hauling to the next set of engineers, electric tugs allow operators to effortlessly and efficiently move these loads. Walk-behind tugs will accommodate most smaller operations, and for the larger ones, our ride-on tugs are great for moving loads over long distances.

  • Moving parts and goods from one area of the manufacturing process to the next.
  • Moving heavy equipment on wheels or rails.
  • Enabling more efficient order and parts picking.
  • Pulling trains of cages and bins.

Retail and Distribution

Stock is always on the move from delivery to storage areas, then storage to the shelves. Order-picking and shelf-stocking require efficiency and speed, and electric tugs can provide this effortlessly.

Whether you’re moving a single trolley or multiple trolleys at once, our electric tugs can pull or push these loads quickly while reducing the physical strain staff incur from manually shifting heavy trolleys. For those with long distances to travel, our ride-on tugs can move larger loads over those distances with complete ease for the operator. Tugs are the perfect workmate for distributing products, trolleys and cages around your warehouse.

  • Moving lines of shopping trolleys (solo operator using a remote).
  • Moving multiple order-picking trolleys at once, creating more efficient order-picking operations.
  • Moving larger loads over distances.
  • Moving linked cage trolleys for delivering products to the store or around the warehouse.

Waste Handling

Waste bins and trolleys are everywhere and travel across a variety of terrains. Electric tugs provide a fast and efficient method for moving these loads, and we can customise coupling brackets to fit any size and shape trolley or bin. Tugs can tow either a single load or loads can be linked together into a train to move all at once. They are also capable of pulling loads up mild inclines, allowing them to move bins across most areas.

  • Moving single bins or lines of bins (solo operator using a remote).
  • Moving loads up mild inclines (automatic braking down inclines).
  • Customised couplings for any bin type..


Construction sites require material deliveries and site cleanup to happen quickly to avoid delays. Our electric dumpers and carriers are an excellent solution for improving efficiency in these areas while reducing the physical effort required from moving these manually.

Our dumpers and carriers are designed specifically for off-road usage and can transport up to 600kg of materials or waste at a time. Their electrical driving and hydraulics allow operators to move vast quantities of materials with virtually no effort.

  • Transporting materials long distances or up inclines.
  • Towing Trailers
  • Transporting and dumping loose material or rubbish.
  • Travelling across off-road and uneven surfaces.