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Doorway Height Restrictor Bollard
Doorway Doorway Protector
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Overall Width (mm)

1200 - 6000

Overall Height (mm)

2000 - 5200


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Flexible Doorway Bollard | Height Restrictor

A-Safe's Doorway Bollard restricts the height of vehicles from passing through doorways, before the accident happens. The protective doorframe bollards act as a visual warning, as well as protecting warehouse doorways from both side and height collisions.

The key benefit of a flexible doorway barrier is that collisions into the barrier doesn't result in damaged concrete as you get with steel bollards. This means an accident won't necessarily result in downtime of the work area.


Modular System | Flexible Polymer Bollards

A-Safe flexible bollards is the world's original flexible barrier system. A-Safe bollards are designed in a modular system, for easy installation, transport and handling. A modular system helps you customise your safety bollard to measure. No custom fabrication work required, which come with long delivery times and an expensive price tag.


Benefits of A-Safe Flexible Bollards

  • Flexible Bollards won't damage floors on impact. Now down time or replacement costs
  • A-Safe Bollards are Eco Friendly, and are 100% recyclable
  • UV-Stabalised and colour safe polymer material won't fade or deteriorate
  • Food Safe, wipe-clean water resistant material is easy to maintain and ideal for food areas
  • Patented Impact Absorbtion system connects posts and rail, absorbing impact forces in 3 phases to dispel energy and prevent damage or injury


Uses for A-Safe's Doorway Height Restrictor Bollard

  • Doorway Edge Protection
  • Height Restriction
  • Vehicle Impact Protection
  • Visual Warning / Deterrent


Height restrictor bollards offer guidance and a physical barrier protection from collisions at both the sides and top of the doorawy, protecting infrastructure, forklifts and staff. A-Safe Doorway Barrier Systems are ideal where there is a risk of collision with overhead pipe bridges, cable trays, air or gas supply lines, or ventilation ducts.

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