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145mm Dynabolt M16
Dynabolt Fixing Zinc Plated M16 x 145mm
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Wheel Stop Anchor Fixing Dynabolt M16 x 145mm - Zinc Plated

The Dynabolt M16 Zinc-Plated sleeve Anchor is high strength expansion fixing, highly effective when installing into concrete. The with a pull-down section, designed to anchor into rubber, heavy duty plastic, timber and steel fixtures. With a bolt-head, the Dynabolt M16 is easily fixed to concrete, brick or block.


Dynabolts as a Wheel Stop Fixing Solution

Dynabolts are ideal for installing Wheel Stops into Concrete. Built to withstand New Zealand climate and road conditions, Dynabolts are an effective option for permanently installing Wheel Stops. Make sure the surface of the car park or road is swept of debris and is clean from any dust created when drilling.


Dynabolt Wheel Stop Fixings Provide the Ultimate Anchor into Concrete

Dynabolt Anchors are ideally suited for installing Wheel Stops and Loading Bay Dock Bumpers into Cement/Concrete surfaces. Dynabolts provide a permanent fixing with the highest strength available, as well as making installation fast and low-cost.

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