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Forklift man cages provide a safe working platform for personnel when lifting them by forklift. Its design complies with multiple safety standard requirements for working at heights and is rated for a maximum load of 250kg (approximately two workers and their equipment). Two 15kN fall restraints for harnesses keep workers them from falling out of the cage. Forklifts used to lift the man cage must be rated at least twice the total load of the platform, i.e. 800kg at 585mm ahead of forks.

Features & Benefits

  • Flat-packed
  • Zinc-plated
  • Full-length fork pockets for maximum stability and safety
  • New Zealand certified to carry two persons and equipment, up to 250kg
  • Chequer plate steel floor provides a skid-resistant surface even in wet conditions
  • Internal handrail on the cage
  • Mesh safety screen to protect personnel from moving part of the forklift
  • Attachment pins that slip behind the forks, securing the cage onto the forklift
  • Two fall restraints for harnesses are rated at 15kN each
  • Inwards opening, self-closing cage door

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