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Half Height Stillage Cage SSZ-DKE-003
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Foldable Stillage Cage

The half height stillage cage has a capacity of 1000kg, is zinc plated and built for heavy duty use.  This stillage cage can be used in clean areas or wet conditions which makes them ideal for New Zealand workplaces and factories.  The cage can be folded down and opened up from a number of sides so they are highly versatile and durable.


Utility Stillage Cage with Durable Construction

The stillage cage is excellent for storing goods off the ground in warehouses where pallets are filled and stored.  Can be used for storing loose or packed goods securely.  The half height stillage cage is convenient to place goods in and lift out and with all sides raised it keeps product secure.  The cage can have all sides folded down when not in use for storing in more compact areas.

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