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Mini Box Taping Machine
Mini Box SD Taper
Model Number


Working Table Height (mm)

670 - 810

Belt Drive Type


Sealing Speed (m/min)


Boxes Per Hour (#)


Seal Areas

Top and Bottom

Power Supply

Single Phase

Overall Length (mm)


Overall Width (mm)


Overall Height (mm)

1210 - 1350

Weight (kg)


Box Length (mm)

120 - Any

Box Width (mm)

80 - 200

Box Height (mm)

50 - 300



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Semi-Automatic Box Taping Machine - Standard Box Sizes

Astrolift's Semi-Automatic Mini Box Taper is designed to maximise order and production output by automating the process of manually taping boxes before filling with product or orders for dispatch. This machine is unique in the market and allows one of the smallest boxes to be automatically sealed.

SD Mini Box Taper Uses

This machine is specifically designed for high-speed taping of long runs of boxes smaller than what a normal taping machine can handle. This enables staff to focus on the manufacturing and dispatch of orders. 

High Quality, High Output Box Taping Machines

Astrolift supply quality Box Taping Machines to New Zealand businesses and have confidence in the design and quality of these Box Taping and Packaging Machines. Designed with the latest technology and assembled with quality parts and workmanship. This means that our Box Tapers are more reliable, resulting in less workplace downtime and higher Net Profits. 

Features & Benefits

  • Uniform Box Sizes
  • Some Assembly Required
  • Powder-coated
  • Top and bottom sealing
  • Smaller size - designed for smaller box sizes
  • Powered by side-drive belts
  • Robust design
  • Easy to operate and maintain
  • Made in Taiwan
  • Tape Width 36mm (50mm tape will not fit)

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