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Box Taper (Random Adjustment, Semi-Auto)

Upper + Lower Flap Box Sealing

Buy Box Taper (Random Adjustment, Semi-Auto) in Box Tapers from SIAT available at Astrolift NZ Buy Box Taper (Random Adjustment, Semi-Auto) in Box Tapers from SIAT available at Astrolift NZ Buy Box Taper (Random Adjustment, Semi-Auto) in Box Tapers from SIAT available at Astrolift NZ
  • Scans and Adjusts to a Variety of Box Sizes Automatically
  • World Leading Brand Made in Italy - SIAT
  • 1 Year Warranty
Semi Auto Box Taper
Adjustable Box Taper
Model Number


Belt Drive Type

Top and Bottom Drive

Belt Speed (m/min)


Boxes Per Hour (#)


Power Supply

Single Phase

Air Consumption (bar)

9 Litres / Cycle

Overall Length (mm)


Overall Width (mm)


Overall Height (mm)

1461 - 1802

Weight (kg)


Box Length (mm)

150 - Any

Box Width (mm)

170 - 650

Box Height (mm)

120 - 670


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Semi Automatic Box Taping Machine

This Box Taper is a new semi-automatic machine designed and engineered by SIAT specifically for large random sized boxes. It is the ideal case sealing machine for a variety of industries such as E-Commerce, Logistics, Electronics, Retail and more. The machine consists of a metal structure epoxy painted and aluminium columns.


Variable Box Size Taping Machine - Eliminate Manual Handling

The boxes sliding plan is made up of galvanized rolls and painted plate. The box preparation is made manually. The operator folds the top flaps and moves the box forward to the top head yellow button. The top head moves upwards - till the yellow button is pushed - to reach the required box height. After reaching the right position, the operator is able to move the box inside the machine until it is taken away by the double belt conveyor.


Packaging Equipment Made in Italy.

SIAT is the World Leader in Box Taping/Carton Sealing Equipment, as is the case for all of their Award Winning Packaging Equipment. Astolift are proud to be the Exclusive Supply Partner of SIAT Packaging Solutions into the local New Zealand market.


Features & Benefits

  • Random Box Sizes
  • Some Assembly Required
  • Painted
  • Seals upper and lower flaps of cardboard cases or cartons
  • Centering unit to hold boxes during the manual fillings
  • 2 motors (0,13 kW)
  • 5 lateral and upper guide wheels on the top assembly
  • Re-designed columns & upper frame to maximize strength and resist vibration
  • Top taping head removable without removing protective cover
  • Quick release Taping Heads for a fast tape head changeover (Top & bottom - no tools required)
  • Aluminium telescopic legs - easy and fast to adjust
  • Motor cable connection incorporating a strong and flexible spring steel design
  • 75mm taping unit
  • Emergency Stop Button on both sides of machine
  • Re-designed centering device to eliminate 'pinch points'
  • Lockable electric and pneumatic isolation switches

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