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Box Taper Semi Auto, VD, Random Box Sizes
Random Box Taping Machine Semi Automatic
Model Number


Working Table Height (mm)

485 - 825

Belt Drive Type

Top and Bottom Drive

Sealing Speed (m/min)


Boxes Per Hour (#)


Seal Areas

Top and Bottom

Power Supply

Single Phase

Overall Length (mm)


Overall Width (mm)


Overall Height (mm)

1265 - 1605

Weight (kg)


Box Length (mm)

150 - Any

Box Width (mm)

140 - 500

Box Height (mm)

100 - 500

Tape Width (mm)



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Semi Automatic Box Taping Machine | VD Variable Box Taper

Designed for use in packaging lines handling boxes of varying dimensions. The pneumatic system rapidly adapts to different box sizes, while twin powered drive belts at the top and bottom of the heads ensure reliable sealing every time, even with overstuffed or empty boxes. This machine still requires the presence of a machine operator to ensure the top flaps are closed before sealing. Robust machine construction and quick-change tape heads make this ideal for 24/7 applications.


VD Box Taping Machine Benefits

The Advanced Technology from World-Leading Brand SIAT enables this machine to drastically increase the simplicity and production output of your workplace by streamlining the process of manual handling and box/carton preparation. 


SIAT Box Taping Machines | Made in Italy, E.U.

All of our SIAT Box Taping and Packaging Equipment is Made in Italy and is known as the world leader in Cost-Effective Box Sealing Solutions. The combination of quality parts, engineering and technology makes this Box Taping Machine the Reliable Choice when optimising production lines.

Features & Benefits

  • Random Box Sizes
  • Some Assembly Required
  • Powder-coated
  • Able to adjust to different box sizes on the fly
  • Centering unit to keep boxes centered and stable during filling operations
  • Top and bottom drive belts (2x50mm width both top and bottom)
  • Top head pneumatic pressure regulators and indexing unit guides
  • Selector for the head ascent for the rapid change of the bottom tape roll
  • Aluminium telescopic legs with millimetric guide
  • 4x 75mm driving belts
  • Descent limiting device of the top taping unit to speed up the machine
  • Self-lubricating top and bottom axial gear motor
  • High quality Italian unit
  • Emergency stop button
  • Blade protection

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