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Box Erector and Taper Machine
Semi Electric Box Erector and Taper
Model Number


Working Table Height (mm)

585 - 735

Belt Drive Type

Top and Bottom Drive

Boxes Per Hour (#)


Power Supply

Three Phase

Overall Length (mm)


Overall Width (mm)


Overall Height (mm)

1305 - 1505

Weight (kg)


Box Length (mm)

150 - 600

Box Width (mm)

150 - 500

Box Height (mm)

100 - 500

Tape Width (mm)


Tape Roll Diameter (mm)


Tape Core Diameter (mm)



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Box Erecting and Taping Machine in One

SIAT's Italian-made Box Erecting and Taping machine is a Dual Use machine that combines a semi-automatic box erector and a box taper into a single unit. Utilising a multi-use erector and taper reduces floor space and automates production time.

World Leading Packaging Brand

SIAT manufactures a wide range of quality Box Erectors, Tapers, Wrappers and much more. SIAT Box Erectors and Taping Machines are designed and built in Italy so you can have the confidence that it will last and stay reliable much longer than other models of Box Erectors/Tapers.

How a Box Erector and Taping Machine Works

Astrolift's Box Erecting and Taping Machines are extremely easy to use and can be used under semi-autonomous conditions to speed up production time. The operator picks the flat carton, squares and positions it, the machine closes the bottom flaps and holds the carton firmly for filling, the box can then pushed through the taping section for sealing.

Features & Benefits

  • Uniform Box Sizes
  • Some Assembly Required
  • Powder-coated
  • Aluminium telescopic legs with measurement guides.
  • Emergency Stop Button
  • K11R taping head (50mm wide)
  • Italian Made

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