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Armadillo Traffic Lane Delineators

Heavy Duty Armadillo Traffic Lane Delineators from Astrolift are made from 100% Recycled rubber. Armadillo Lane Delineators act as a lane separator for both roads and commercial driveways such as carparks, retail, or offices. The Armadillo Delineators are engineered and are designed to last through the most extreme weather. 

Armadillo Delineator Key Features

Armadillo Delineators come with highly reflective white or yellow tapes for visibility Rubber Armadillos conform to the road surface for better stability and less stress on fixings. Astrolift Armadillo Delineators are made to withstand extreme temperature variations. Our Armadillo Delineators are easy to install, remove and relocate 

Traffic Lane Delineators by Astrolift

Astrolift are the suppliers for a wide range of traffic delineators, speed ramps, wheel stops and many other traffic safety products. View our full range of commercial traffic safety and protection.

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