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Laundry Trolleys - Shelved and Self-levelling

  • Published: October 30, 2019

  • Updated: April 23, 2020

When operating a commercial laundry, there are a lot garments and linens to move around. We have several types of trolleys that work perfectly for these environments to help you work efficiently. These ranges include: shelved trolleys, cage trolleys, bin trolleys, and self-levelling bin trolleys.

Shelved Laundry Trolleys

First up we have shelved trolleys which work well for smaller quantities of laundry. These come in a variety of finishes from Stainless Steel through to Plastic depending on the hygiene requirements of your area.

Cage Laundry Trolleys

These make ideal laundry trolleys that can serve two different functions, they can be used for transporting laundry and by adding in the additional shelves they can also be used as mobile storage.

Bin Laundry Trolleys

These wheeled bins are constructed from rigid ABS panels and a tough zinc-plated base to give these bins a long-lasting and maintenance-free working life. They are perfect as laundry trolleys for shifting either loose laundry items or large bags of laundry.

Self-levelling Laundry Trolleys

These bin trolleys are a step above their previously mentioned counterparts, having a spring-loaded table inside of them. This table lowers as more weight is added on top of it and raises as weight is removed.

These laundry trolleys reduces the amount of bending required when loading or unloading the bin, reducing physical strain on the operator.