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Cargo Trolley (Ergopod - Plastic)

Enclosed Linen Trolley

Buy Cargo Trolley (Ergopod - Plastic) in Cage Trolleys from Ergopod available at Astrolift NZ
  • Enclosed Plastic Design Trolley - Suitable for Clean Areas
  • Ideal for Commercial Laundry, Order Picking of Hazardous Material Stock
  • 1 Year Warranty
Cargo Trolley
Plastic Cargo Trolley Cargo Trolleys and Bins NZ
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Plastic Cargo Trolley for Hazardous Stock Handling

Good enclosed linen trolley or cargo trolley suitable for clean areas and picking of hazardous material stock.  Excellent for carting clothes items when ironed or pressed and the front canvas cover can be rolled down as it is attached with heavy duty toggles.  The shelves can be positioned as a fourth wall so that linen can be contained like a cage.  This rotation moulded plastic cage trolley is available in a wide range of colours and is an attractive item to wheel around, keeping contents clean and dry.


Durable, Sterile Area Safe Trolley

This cage trolley is an excellent carrier for moving hazardous substances to various areas of the stores as it has the strong outer structure made from moulded plastic so is easy to keep clean.    The trolley has 2 clip document holders to keep paperwork together and within easy reach.  This plastic cargo trolley makes light work of transporting all manner of goods from one department to the other with no spillage of liquids or powdered substances.


Heavy Duty Commercial Laundry Trolley for NZ

The Ergopod Plastic Cargo Trolley is a high-quality trolley designed to simplify the movement and transportation of goods and equipment. This trolley is made from durable plastic and features a sturdy construction that can withstand heavy use in various environments.

Features & Benefits

  • Constructed of rotation moulded Plastic making it ideal for use in clean areas
  • Delivered fully assembled for immediate use once unpacked
  • Two 125mm swivel braked castors, and two 125mm fixed castors allow high manoeuvrability while being easy to control
  • Two removable shelves can be placed at the front of the trolley to create a large holding bin
  • Recessed handle doesn’t take up any extra space while helping the user manoeuvre the trolley
  • Two clip document holder keeps all paperwork together
  • Dished base with two drain holes for ease of cleaning and hygiene purposes
  • Wide range of colours available
  • Integrated canvas cover – attached via 8 points for a secure fit
  • Heavy-duty toggles for attaching taut canvas cover

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