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Elevating Work Platforms

  • Published: July 20, 2020

  • Updated: September 26, 2022


Innovative drive systems, maximum travel speeds of 5km/h and operator reach heights of up to 5.3 meters combine to allow your people to accomplish twice as much in complete safety compared with using ladders for height access. And, it’s ready to work as soon as it’s turned on – no preparation or setup needed.

Empower Your People to Accomplish More

The elevating platform eliminates climbing and reduces heavy, awkward lifting by providing the operator with a safe, stable platform to stand on while keeping their hands free – reducing the risk of dropped and damaged product. Plus, the goods travel with the platform – no need to haul around a cumbersome trolley and ladder when it comes to moving stock.

The Bravi Sprint’s innovative powered load tray allows the operator to raise the platform as objects are removed, making carrying more product easy – and eliminating the need for back-bending to reach the last items at the bottom of the stack.

With elevating work platforms, your people can easily pick, stack and move your product to the required location, raise themselves to the necessary height and complete the task at hand – faster, and with less effort.


With small footprints and zero-turn functionality, the Bravi platforms can operate in smaller spaces with ease. At only 80cm wide or less, they can navigate through doorways, around tight corners, and over tight spaces – allowing you to achieve more productive use of space in your facility.


Keeping productivity in mind, Bravi has developed their products to be as productive as possible. The Sprint platform can simultaneously adjust the load tray and operator platform height while travelling to the next location in one smooth operation. The Sprint reaches a maximum speed of 5km/h and automatically adjusts travel speed based on the operator ride height.


The most significant hazards in most operations are the physical strain placed on the body, especially in applications that require carrying or lifting heavy objects and going up and down ladders.

For safety reasons, often two people are needed to carry out the work of moving heavy objects up and down ladders. With our Bravi Machines, only one person is necessary.

The Bravi machines simplify tasks for the operator by eliminating potential injury risks caused by:

  • Manual handling of goods
  • Frequent bending and twisting of the torso
  • Heavy physical work
  • Bad, painful or tiring postures from reaching for difficult-to-reach or heavy objects.
  • Loss of balance
  • Slipping or Tripping
  • Losing Balance
  • Falling

These machines empower operators to work faster in absolute safety and comfort instead of wasting precious energy from climbing ladders or moving goods by hand. Elevating work platforms increase productivity while reducing their risk of injury.

The Sprint is a versatile and easy-to-use tool, allowing operators to work with confidence. A built-in protection control system checks all safety devices before the vehicle will operate; and continuously runs and controls platform height, travel speeds, steering and braking – enabling the operator to focus on their job and leave the machine to manage the rest.


Carting heavy objects up and down ladders can be dangerous, so often operations require two individuals to work together at heights whereas the Bravi cuts that labour in half by only requiring one.

  • Lost time due to staff injuries.
  • Wasted time due to manual setup and dismantling of ladders.
  • Potential product damage by safer handling and carrying of goods.
  • Speed through powered drive and elevation.
  • Operator Safety by removing the need to carry goods up and down ladders.
  • Efficiency from reduced downtime between operations.

Results In Overall Savings in your Operational Costs.


With a compact footprint, zero-emissions, simple operation and incredible manoeuvrability, elevating work platforms are flexible enough to work in nearly any application, carrying up to 200kgs in every trip.

Food and Beverage Manufacturers: ingredient picking and transportation from store to line. Construction and Fitout Companies: for easy access to roof space and installing ceiling panels. Supermarkets and Retailers: for stock replenishment and outfitting. Manufacturing Companies: for maintenance tasks, tool, die, and part transportation. Distribution and Logistics Warehouses: for order picking and online fulfilment.

In some applications, these elevating work platforms can last for days without needing to be charged, thanks to a battery system that gives it a 30km driving range between charges. Then, when a recharge is required, plug the unit into any single-phase wall outlet to charge – no complicated systems involved.

They’re an innovative solution with the versatility to improve safety and efficiency for nearly any business that currently uses ladders for height access.